Sacred Feminine Power

A woman in her power lives from the body up, not from the head down. Her heart is open. Her sincerity can be felt. She is anchored so deeply in her Self that boundaries arise naturally. Compassionate boundaries.

She’s able to speak her truth unapologetically, but she does so while seeing the other person fully.

There’s no hiding from anything, especially not pain. Everything – every experience – is felt and honored because she lets life in fully. No more armoring. No more denial. No more pretending. Even fear is stared straight in the eye.

She is fully open, fully grounded, fully alive. In love, as love.

What will it take for you to embody this kind of divine feminine power?

Ask yourself:

(1) How connected am I to my womb?

(2) Do I feel safe being seen?

(3) How deeply do I trust myself?

These are three key ingredients to fully owning who you are. When you’re ready to reclaim your sacred, sovereign power to experience ecstatic freedom, click here to learn more about 1:1 Portals of Initiation rooted in ancient feminine wisdom.

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Jessica Falcon

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Published by Jessica

A former lawyer turned mystic, I offer you the forbidden fruit so you radically embody your divinity to experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. As a soul embodiment coach & activator, I take you on an initiatory journey to embrace and accept every single part of who you are so you take the throne and become queen or king of your own domain. 1:1 sessions to Activate your Sacred Power for women or to Activate Codes of Courage for men and a group program to Embody your Divinity: Reclaim the Holiness of your Body, Voice & Sexuality are available. But only if you are completely and utterly devoted to soul freedom. :)

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