Take the forbidden fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom.

Reclaim your sacred, sovereign power to embody your divnity and experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

The root of the word “sovereign” is to sit on one’s throne.

The throne of your divinity.

It is to be your own authority.

To see your Self.

To choose for your Self.

To belong to your Self.

To fully possess every aspect of who you are with love, compassion, and fierce accountability.

This is only possible if you truly know your Self.

Otherwise, how can you choose for you?

Without self-knowledge, we choose based on what we have been told to believe, beliefs we have inherited or absorbed, or old karmic patterns and habits.

Our entire identity becomes wrapped up in external roles, positions, or authority granted to us.

It is based on how we look, how much money or success we have or how other people value us.

We look outside ourselves for approval, validation, acceptance.

We are taught this is where love from from:

Other people

Or an external god “up there” somewhere

Outside of ourselves.

It keeps us locked into unhealthy relationship patterns, jobs that suck the life out of us, or living lives we don’t actually want.  It keeps us in cycles of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-doubt.

We please.  Try to make others happy. 

Muffle our true voices.

Push down the feelings that aren’t pretty or nice.

Stifle the silent rage.

Pretend everything is okay.

We believe we’re supposed to be good – according to other people’s expectations and standards of what “good” even means.

We don’t dare look at the parts of ourselves we have shamed or cast aside as unworthy.

We grasp for external power because we have been separated from the true source of our power:

Our Divinity

Our own divine nature here in form.  Right now.

It is begging for your return.

You must be willing to turn your eyes inward

To see yourself through your own eyes

To remove the shackles of shame, guilt, blame, doubt, fear, and unworthiness

To release the rubble of beliefs, conditioning, the shoulds and demands and expectations that bind you

To reunite with every single aspect of who you are by learning how to source love from within.

Radical, embodied love.

Love that doesn’t turn away from anything.

Love that sees.

Love that hears.

Love that honors.

Love that is fully present.

This kind of love comes from the Self, not at the expense of the Self.

It becomes part of your lived, breathed experience of life, here on earth, as you consciously align every aspect of who you are – mind, body, and soul – back to love.

It is a full reclamation of your power

so you return to wholeness in a dance of sacred inner union.

I offer you this forbidden fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom so you radically embody your own divinity and experience ecstatic soul freedom.

It requires creating internal safety and deep levels of trust in Self.

As your guide, I will walk next to you and help you see what you have not seen before.

Your eyes will be fully opened to your own majesty, your own power, your own choice

so you live the life of your desires and revel in sacred pleasure.

The pleasure of being all of you.

There are three primary ways to work with me:

Embody your Divinity 9-month Group Program for Women

Radically embrace your raw, wild, sacred power, unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity, and fearlessly speak the truth of your heart because you know you are holy. You are fully anchored into your body, fully resourced by Gaia, fully surrendered to soul. In this portal, you will reclaim the holiness of your body, voice, and sexuality – historically denied women precisely because of the power they hold.

Activate Sacred Feminine Power: Become Queen of your own Domain

You desire to know yourself and your power more deeply than ever. No longer will you tolerate any form of self-sacrifice, self-denial, or self-doubt. It is time to release the chains of invisibility, the shackles of guilt, and remove the blinders to your true majesty. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for women, you will open your eyes fully to your own sacred power as you radically embrace and accept every single aspect of who you are.

Activate Codes of Courage: Become King of your own Domain

It is time to let go of false forms of power and identity. To release the burdens of shame, guilt, and unworthiness. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for men, you will allow the energy of your divinity to flow down through your throat into your body so your inner masculine meets your inner feminine in a dance of sacred wholeness. Heal any wounds you have experienced with the feminine as you come into union with yourself.

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