Embody your Power, Know Your Boundaries & Reclaim Your Voice

We fear our own power.

We deny our own sexuality.

We silence our own voices.

Because we are afraid. Afraid others won’t accept us. Afraid we will be rejected, or cast out. We have internalized too many beliefs about who we are supposed to be, and find ourselves apologizing for who we really are.

We have been taught to see ourselves through the eyes of others. In order to reclaim our power, we must learn to see ourselves through our own eyes.

We must open to the love inside of ourselves and form an unwavering relationship with our own divinity.

I guide women to embody their power, know their boundaries, and reclaim their voice so they feel free to fully be and express who they are in relationships.

Jessica channels through the frequency of the heart and offers light to the most shadowed places within the mind, body and spirit.  Her guidance is warm, embodied, and fertile.  Her purity is deep medicine, and she transmutes energy by merely standing in the vibration of grace and honor.

Cole lopez, founder of House of Magick NY

Once you say “yes” to this path, magic beings to happen.

Your cells begin to vibrate with the knowing:

I am worthy of love.

I am worthy of being seen.

I am worthy of being heard.

I am worthy of being honored.

When you know you matter, you no longer accept a state of invisibility in which others choose for you or deem you less valuable. This grants freedom, not only within yourself, but within every relationship.

Jessica is a natural guide who knows how to go deeply within. She has a passion for this work which comes from the deep essence of who she is. What sets Jessica apart is that she has literally done this incredibly brave work to shift herself and her life. She gets it, she’s done it, she walks her talk!  This comes through in everything she offers to others. I experienced so much unique content, love and support. It added to the level of comfort I felt in our group, which was cohesive and sacred.


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֍ Access your Soul’s Wisdom

֍ Know your Boundaries

֍ Reclaim your Voice

֍ Embody your Power

֍ Navigate the Art of Both in Relationships

Private Sessions

We will create a sacred portal 1:1 for you to Radically Reclaim your Self to know Freedom in Love. It’s time to embody your power, know your boundaries & reclaim your voice.

Speaking Engagements

Jessica offers a soulful, embodied approach to healing the struggles many women face in relationships. She confronts the root of violence against women and proposes solutions.

Workshops & Classes

Reclaim your Body as Holy, your Voice as your Power, and your Sexuality as your Own through in-person & online workshops, three essential aspects of power historically denied to women.

Watch below to learn why Sovereignty matters:

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