I offer you the forbidden fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom.

For millennia, we have been told it is an act of disobedience to think for ourselves, to choose for ourselves, to be our own authority.

I dare you.

I dare you to take the forbidden fruit if you are ready to fully reclaim your sacred, sovereign power so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

Freedom to be all of you

To express yourself fully

To live your soul’s truth

To trust yourself

To speak the truth of your heart

To own your boundaries

To know yourself as divinely worthy

The root of the word “sovereign” is to sit on one’s throne.

The throne of your divinity.

It is to be your own authority.

To see your Self.

To choose for your Self.

To belong to your Self.

To fully possess every aspect of who you are with love, compassion, and fierce accountability.

This is only possible if you truly know your Self.

Otherwise, how can you choose for you?

When you take the forbidden fruit, your eyes will be opened. You will see what you have not seen before.

As we work together, you will:

* Access the depths of your subconscious mind, which controls 95% of your behavior

* Become intimate with the wisdom of your body

* Release stored, stagnant emotions so your life force energy flows freely through you

* Heal karmic imprints and soul trauma from this or other lifetimes

* Reprogram your thoughts and beliefs to align with the truth of who you are

* Connect to and hear the inner voice of your soul

During this transformational process, you will release what I call the “Wounds of Eve” – the wounds that prevent you from experiencing yourself as divine, as whole, as holy:

* The shackles of shame

* The burdens of guilt

* The blinders of blame

* The chains of fear

* The limitations of doubt

* The weight of unworthiness

In so doing, you release yourself from all forms of:

* Invisibility

* Self-sacrifice

* Self-denial

* Self-doubt

* Manipulation

* Possession

* External control

To own your Sacred, Sovereign Power is:

* To fully reclaim your power from all outside sources and bring it back to where it belongs: inside of you

* To embody your divinity here and now – which is to anchor deeply into how divinely worthy you are

* To align every aspect of who you are – mind, body, and heart – to live your soul’s truth

* To know your Self as holy – including your body, voice, and sexuality

* To be able to access fierce, radical, compassionate love in every moment

* To be fully and unapologetically you

This is about uniting – through a dance of sacred inner union – your:

Body & Soul

Inner Masculine & Feminine

Humanity & Divinity

Will you take the forbidden fruit?

Will you say Yes to you?

If so, let the journey begin.

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