It is time to R.O.A.R.

Let us gather and Remember Our Ancient Roots.

We access our sovereignty when we reclaim our body, our sexuality, and our voice.

When we were told that god existed only “up above” and outside of earth, it disconnected us from the divinity found within all things. Our body became unholy. Our sexuality became a sin. Our voice was silenced. Shame and guilt reigned free, while we disconnected from our true power. It is time to rewrite the story. It begins with YOU. Start now.

Your Body is Holy

The body has been seen as something we “carry around” that must be dominated in order to reach “spiritual heights.” Yet it is an incredible source of wisdom and knowledge.

Your Sexuality is Your Own

Sex has been labeled a “sin” that takes us away from matters of the spirit. In particular, a sexual woman was greatly feared because it meant she could not be controlled.

Your Voice is Your Power

A woman’s voice was considered dangerous, for it threatened male authority. Instead, she was supposed to submit and stay quiet. Finding her own voice leads to her liberation.

Workshops & Classes

Your body is a portal to the Divine. It’s time to learn how to access this wisdom.

Speaking Engagements

Learn how the denial of Self perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Sacred Earth Connections

Travel with me — virtually or in person — to directly connect with sacred portals.

The Fruit of Knowledge Awaits.

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