We access our sovereignty when we reclaim our body, our sexuality, and our voice.

We fear our own power.

We deny our own sexuality.

We silence our own voices.

Because we are afraid. Afraid others won’t accept us. Afraid we will be rejected, or cast out. We have internalized too many beliefs about who we are supposed to be, and find ourselves apologizing for who we really are.

The only way to stop this vicious cycle is through radical self-acceptance. We dig deep into ourselves to access the wisdom of our soul to form un unwavering relationship with our own divinity. As we find freedom within, we find it in relationship.

Your Body is Holy

Your body is your companion. Your guide. Your compass. It is an incredible source of wisdom, as every cell connects you to your divine nature. Develop an intimate relationship with your Self.

Your Sexuality is Your Own

When the body and soul are united into one integrated whole, sex is no longer a “sin” but a sacred act. Confront internalized shame and guilt. Embrace your sensual, sexual self.

Your Voice is Your Power

We must access our inner voice to know our own truth. Only then can we express our deepest feelings, needs and desires into the world. Confront the fears and beliefs that stop you.

Workshops & Classes

Your body is a portal to the Divine. It’s time to learn how to access this wisdom.

Speaking Engagements

Learn how the denial of Self perpetuates the cycle of violence.

Sacred Private Sessions

Unearth your soul’s deepest truths and embrace the depth of your power.

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