I offer you the forbidden fruit of the goddess

I dare you to take a juicy, delicious bite.

Reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of true soul freedom.

*  Know yourself as divinely worthy

*  Fully own every aspect of who you are

*  Trust yourself and your desires

*  Become your own authority

so you

Stand fully in your power, in your truth, and in your majesty without apology

I help you:

*  Reunite your body and soul into one unified whole

*  See yourself through your own eyes

*  Discover what is your soul’s truth and what is not your truth

*  Pull your power back from all outside sources and return it to where it belongs: inside of you

Over 5,000 years ago, women were sovereign and free.

Yet, when the earth was no longer recognized as divine, neither were women.

In the story of Adam & Eve – which has since been deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche whether we consciously agree or not – the soul of woman was denied.

It served as a warning to all women:

* You are not allowed to worship the goddess

* You are not allowed to know yourself as divine

* You are not allowed to choose for yourself

* You are not allowed to trust your desires

Those who do will be punished and cast out of love

Women were denied the right to have a Self separate from other.  They could not exist for their own benefit.

These beliefs affect how you show up in relationships when you:

*  Fear rejection, opinions, or judgment so you hide parts of yourself others don’t like

*  Seek permission or approval from others before you act on your own behalf

*  Find it difficult to separate how you feel from how others feel

*  Submit your needs to those of others

*  Have a hard time speaking up for yourself, setting boundaries, or expressing your truth

*  Harbor guilt when you don’t give others what they want or make them happy

*  Feel shame when you are not who others want you to be

*  Tend to lose yourself in relationship with others

*  Struggle with feelings of powerlessness, helplessness, or victimhood

*  Find yourself in patterns of self-sacrifice, doing for others at your own expense

*  Give and give but find it difficult to receive

*  Fear you won’t be loved for who you are

It’s time to break the chains of invisibility.

In our work together, you will get to the root of what has been holding you back from fully owning your power and your sovereignty. 

The ecstasy of true soul freedom awaits you.

Will you say Yes to you?

Will you take the forbidden fruit?

Will you set yourself free?

If so, I invite you to explore the offerings below, or you can schedule a free 30-minute Soul Freedom Breakthrough Session with me here.

Connect to the Voice of your Womb 22-day Activation

Drop deeply into your womb space – the seat of your power – to hear its silent whispers, secret longings, and deep desires for your soul. Confusion dissipates. You know exactly what to do. Available now.

Majestic Woman 5-week Group Journey to know freedom in relationships

Own your majesty so you experience true freedom in your relationships. Anchor into the wisdom of your body, speak the truth of your heart, honor your boundaries, and feel safe being seen. We begin in May 2023.

Online Portal Yoga Classes to Open the Portal of your Body

You will be transported into the inner cave of your body using slow, intentional movement and concentrated breath. Space opens up. Stagnant energy begins to move. Stored emotions rise to the surface. Available now.

If you are ready to dive deep and go all in, explore:

Embody your Divinity: Reclaim the Power of your Body, Voice & Sexuality 9-month Group

Embrace your raw, wild, sacred power, unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity, and fearlessly speak the truth of your heart. We begin 9/22/23.

Radically Reclaim your Self in Love: Become Queen of your own Domain

Open your eyes fully to your divinity as you radically embrace and accept every single aspect of who you are in sacred inner union. Available now.

Activate Codes of Courage: Become King of your own Domain 1:1 Private Sessions

Let go of false forms of power and identity to reclaim your true power. Release the burdens of shame, guilt, and unworthiness. Available now.

Reunite Heart Womb to Anchor into Self

I’m offering you a free guided meditation to Reunite Heart and Womb to Anchor into Self. You will also receive journal prompts to take you even deeper on this journey into Self.

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