I offer you the forbidden fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom.

I dare you to take a delicious, juicy bite to:

Heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

No more crippling self-doubt.

No more silencing yourself to please another.

No more invisibility.

You reclaim your voice and speak on your own behalf.

You feel safe being seen.

You remember how powerful you really are.

Boundaries naturally arise.

The cloak of shame is removed.

The chains of guilt released.

You overflow with love of Self and other.

You become your own authority.

You take the throne as Queen/King of your own Domain.

This is Sovereignty.

The root of the word “sovereign” is to sit on one’s throne.

The throne of your divinity.

Will you take the forbidden fruit?

Will you say Yes to you?

If so, let the journey begin.

If you are just beginning, I invite you to check out:

Connect to the Voice of your Womb 22-day Activation

Drop deeply into your womb space – the seat of your power – to hear its silent whispers, secret longings, and deep desires for your soul. Confusion dissipates. You know exactly what to do. Available now.

Majestic Woman 6-week Group Journey from your Root to your Crown

Own your majesty so you experience true freedom in your relationships. Anchor into the wisdom of your body, speak the truth of your heart, honor your boundaries, and feel safe being seen. We begin March 29, 2023.

Online Portal Yoga Classes to Open the Portal of your Body

You will be transported into the inner cave of your body using slow, intentional movement and concentrated breath. Space opens up. Stagnant energy begins to move. Stored emotions rise to the surface. Available now.

If you are ready to dive deep and go all in, explore:

Embody your Divinity: Reclaim the Power of your Body, Voice & Sexuality 9-month Group

Embrace your raw, wild, sacred power, unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity, and fearlessly speak the truth of your heart. We begin 9/22/23.

Activate your Sacred Power: Become Queen of your own Domain 1:1 Private Sessions

Open your eyes fully to your divinity as you radically embrace and accept every single aspect of who you are in sacred inner union. Available now.

Activate Codes of Courage: Become King of your own Domain 1:1 Private Sessions

Let go of false forms of power and identity to reclaim your true power. Release the burdens of shame, guilt, and unworthiness. Available now.


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