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I want you to experience ecstatic soul freedom.

To remove the blinders.

To fully open your eyes. 

To see beyond the illusion of form to a much greater power that resides within you. 

This Activation – at just under 20 minutes – will guide you to drop into your body, root into your innate connection with all things, and open the portal of your heart.  

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Experience ecstatic soul freedom by sourcing love, power, and belonging from within so you come into sovereign wholeness. A former lawyer turned mystic, Jessica Falcon is a soul embodiment coach & activator who brings ancient feminine wisdom to the modern world.

Private 1:1 sessions are available for women to Radically Reclaim themselves in Love and for men to Activate Codes of Courage. Jessica’s signature group program to Unleash your Sovereign Power will guide you to reclaim your body as holy, your voice as your power, and your sexuality as your own.