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I dare you to take the forbidden fruit of self-knowledge to fully reclaim your sacred, sovereign power so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

This requires turning your eyes inward to see yourself through your own eyes – not through the eyes of others. Only then can you take the throne of your own divinity.

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This is a guided meditation into the 3 major power centers of your body (18 minutes).

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Jessica Falcon is an International Soul Embodiment Coach. Learn more about her here.

What People are Saying:

I’ve started to know myself in a whole new way.  It’s amazing how much I trust myself.  I now have a quiet mind; I never had that before.  I love myself with true love rather than waiting to get this love from outside.  The power and peace I have so far are invaluable!  My soul sends Jessica infinite love for helping her get free!

~ Khawater

Jessica Falcon is a powerhouse. She’s intuitive, wise, and a deep listener. Her meditations, visualizations, and ritual practices move me deeply. They connect me to my own inner voice as well as the divine feminine collective. I feel fulfilled and fully expressed after time with her, and I keep coming back for more!

~ Paula

I received more out of one session with Jessica than I did in 13 years of therapy! The fact that I could open up so deeply so quickly says much more about Jessica than it does me. I’ve not shared myself that honestly with anyone before. Our time together was fantastic. Jessica has my undying thanks and infinite gratitude.

~ Derek