Unleash Your Truth

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Do you desire to connect your voice to your innermost feelings, but feel blocked or don’t know how?

Do you want to express yourself to a partner or friend with ease and grace, yet hidden anger or resentment comes out instead?

Do you feel frustrated at how easy it is to speak up for others, but feel your throat catch when it comes to saying what you need or want?

I know what it’s like to feel disconnected from my body’s needs or deepest desires.

I lived much of my life disconnected from the throat down.

I often felt silenced or misunderstood, if not completely invisible.

If fear arises when you think about acknowledging how you feel or expressing it out loud, this mini-workshop is for you.

It is my gift to you as you walk your path to sovereignty. Enter your email address below to get immediate access.

In this mini workshop, you will:

֍ Anchor into your body to hear your inner voice

֍ Enter your heart to find balance and inner alignment with your soul’s truth

֍ Open your throat as a clear channel of expression

The ultimate goal is to create emotional safety within so you are no longer reliant on the approval or agreement of others.

In this practice, you will give yourself permission to hear yourself, then allow yourself to be heard by others. In so doing, you stop the cycle of silence.

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About Jessica Falcon:

Jessica offers an embodied, soulful approach to reclaiming your power. After seven years of practicing law, she left the legal profession to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage. Years of meditation and yoga had created too much of an internal disconnect between what she was doing and how she felt.

After traveling to sacred earth sites in honor of the feminine, Jessica settled down for awhile in Europe. Years of living up in the head left her disconnected from her own body. She taught herself French while accessing her soul’s wisdom through intuitive energetic practices. A tortuous relationship finally helped her see the truth of her own self-betrayal. No longer could Jessica deny her own power, her own sexuality, or her own voice.

Upon returning to the States, Jessica authored the book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, which weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey. After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, she finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Learn more here.