Daily Practice to Ground into Yourself

When you familiarize yourself with the deepest, scariest, most rejected parts of yourself – and then love them – you are free.

When you take responsibility for all of the thoughts and beliefs and feelings that move through your being – and then choose which ones to keep or discard – you are free.

When you connect with the deep soul wisdom that resides in your heart – and allow it to direct your life – you are free.

This kind of freedom takes work.  It requires commitment.  The path is not easy.  We live in a world that prefers to keep us looking outside ourselves for love, approval and validation.  It will never come.  Not fully.  You will always be searching, abandoning yourself in the process.

It’s time to stop.  No one else will do it for you.  Only you can fully know you.  Coming home to yourself is a journey of exploration.  It often requires saying goodbye to what is familiar and comfortable – especially in the way of beliefs, habits and patterns.  It’s not light and fluffy.  It’s dark and scary, but the light of your heart is always there to guide you. 

This free daily practice will help you ground into yourself and radiate your light.

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   Jessica Falcon is an author, wayshower, former attorney and professor, earth priestess, global traveler, yoga teacher and chocoholic.  She began meditating after a flood destroyed her home in 2008.  It swept away her certainty in the straight path to success.  Four years later, a lifechanging vision reminded her there is more to this world than meets the eye.  Seven years of practicing law as a criminal prosecutor was enough.  Her soul had other plans.  She let go of all she had worked so hard to obtain and jumped into the abyss.    

Upon arrival at the cave of Mary Magdalene in France, Jessica began her initiation into deep feminine mysteries.  It forced her to drop down and into her body while facing the darkness of her subconscious mind.  Luckily, she had a dagger in hand, able to cut through the ego and its fears.  The walls came tumbling down, and truth revealed itself. 

She discovered sacred geometry and the use of sound to reunite with her roots.  Because neuroscience fascinates her, Jessica took yoga teacher training with the Subtle Yoga program to specifically target the nervous system and build resilience.  A slight obsession with the power of herbs spurred her to take a seven-month folk herbalism training at the Sassafras School of Appalachian Plantcraft.  

Her studies of ancient civilizations and religious history intertwine themselves with her own humbling journey in the book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess.  Now, Jessica is beyond delighted to guide women who are ready to unravel themselves from the beliefs that have stripped away their divinity.  She wants others to grow their own wings and learn how to fly with her on The Path to Sovereignty.