Bringing Ancient Wisdom to the Modern World

Hi! I’m Jessica Falcon, founder of The Path to Sovereignty. I’m delighted to support you as you Unleash your own Sovereign Power. It is time, my love. You deserve to radiate who you are without apology.

I offer you the forbidden fruit – the wisdom of the goddess – but only if you so desire it. It will connect you with your divine essence:

The Holiness of your Body

The Power of your Voice

The Sacredness of your Sexuality

As an energetic activator & embodiment coach, I guide you to taste the sweetness of your own power so you know the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

In my signature 9-month transformational Group Program, you will Unleash your Sovereign Power.

In 1:1 private sessions I guide women through a Radical Reclamation of Self. We take a deep dive into you – who you are underneath all the layers that have kept you small and in hiding so you can fully unveil your truest essence.

You can also dip your toes in a 6-week self-study program to Activate your Inner Power to help you reclaim your power from external sources and bring it back where it belongs: inside of you.

All Individual Sessions & Group Programs are specifically designed for you to:


Women were sovereign and free over 5,000 years ago. It’s hard to believe, right? We’ve become so accustomed to thinking “it’s always been this way.” But it hasn’t. The fruit offered Eve represented the wisdom of the goddess. Yet, the power of the feminine has been so feared, the lives of those who took the fruit were threatened. When we choose to remember, those who became before begin to assist us. Lilith. Magdalene. Isis. Inanna. Eve. They teach us the sacredness of all life and the interconnection of All Things.


For thousands of years, we have been conditioned to believe that we are not sacred, holy beings. The soul of a woman was blatantly denied as she was cast aside and told to submit and silence herself. Even though women have made strides for equality, the beliefs we have inherited are still deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche. We have been taught to equate love with self-denial and self-sacrifice. It has, of course, affected the quality of our relationships and how free we feel when in them. We must reclaim ourselves from these beliefs – however unconscious they are – using the wisdom of the body as our primary tool.


After unraveling ourselves from these beliefs, conditioning, and subconscious fears, we can fully reveal our voice, our truth, and our power. Every aspect of who we are is bathed in divine love as we begin to fully embody our divinity – here and now. We become our own authority, as we belong to no one but ourselves. Pleasure and desire become guideposts for how we live our lives.

You will enter a sacred portal of transformation when we begin our work together. Every level of your being – mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual – will shift and realign through the radical power of love.

About Me:

For seven years I served as a criminal prosecutor before leaving on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe. A series of catastrophic events got me questioning the “straight path to success.” I wondered what the purpose of it all was. Internally, I felt stuck and disconnected from my body. Even though intellectually I understood the importance of feeling, speaking up, or loving myself, I hadn’t yet learned how to utilize the power of my body to move through subconscious resistance.

When I landed in an abusive relationship, it took me by surprise. “How could I, of all people, be here?” I wondered. For years I was an advocate against domestic violence and sexual assault. During college I updated university policies and led educational programs. I spoke at rallies, answered hotline calls, and visited with women in the hospital. My thesis was on domestic violence policy.

Clearly, the beliefs that kept me in the abusive relationship weren’t conscious. After leaving, I spent years studying religious history, mythology, and ancient civilizations to uncover the subconscious beliefs at the root of violence against women. My work – through speaking, coaching, and group programs – teaches women how to pull out the roots of oppression so they can fully reclaim their Sovereign Power.

The body, which holds the subconscious mind, is an essential piece. It is also through the body that we remember ancient feminine wisdom and hear the truth of our soul. Violence against women began when the soul of woman was flatly denied. We cannot wait for others to recognize our divinity in order to feel – and be – free. It is up to us to claim our own worthiness, our own divinity, and our own power now. Doing so not only ends violence against women, it also creates the sacred, conscious relationships we desire.

I have written a book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess which details my journey as I returned to my feminine roots and reunited with the wisdom of the goddess. It is my hope every woman who reads this book will shed the resistance to her own truth – deeply embedded within – so she takes the forbidden fruit of her desires and tastes the sweetness of her own power.

And so it shall be.

In addition to taking leadership & facilitator trainings with organizations such as Seek Healing and the Institute for Sacred Activism, I have spent well over 10 years studying shamanism, meditation, neuroscience, mind-body healing, communication, nutrition & herbal medicine. After returning from Europe, I took a yoga teacher training with Subtle Yoga for the pure delight of it. My greatest teacher, however, has been the goddess herself.

A few fun tidbits:

Favorite Food:

Where to begin? Dark chocolate, pomegranates, fresh figs, goat cheese, red wine, and I must confess to being a green-a-holic.

Where you’ll find me:

Hiking in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, immersed in the forest, sitting by water, or dancing in my living room.

What I love:

Deep, meaningful conversations, laughing until my belly hurts, and going on adventures.

In a podcast with Tessa Tovar of Outside the Studio, we talk about what victim consciousness is and how to move beyond it; the tools of the body, soul and divine feminine; what heart work is; using the ancient myths of the goddess to embody the sovereign being, 3 core fears that keep women in toxic relationships or “false love;” and what the 5 aspects of true love are. Listen here.

In conversation with Emmi Mutale on the podcast Sacred Feminine Power, I share how the man who shamed me for my power, intelligence and sexuality turned out to be my biggest teacher into self love, self acceptance and accessing my full potential. I also narrate the fascinating story of Inanna and draw parallels between Inanna’s journey to the Underworld and my own journey inward, and subsequently my emergence as a strong, independent, sensual woman unafraid to use my voice and my power for the good of all. Listen here.

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