Jessica Falcon

Author & Wayshower

Bringing Ancient Wisdom to the Modern World

Jessica guides women to embody their power, know their boundaries, and reclaim their voice so they feel free to fully be and express who they are in relationships.  Despite being a criminal prosecutor with a feminist mindset, Jessica still found herself in the throes of an abusive relationship.  An expert advocate for everyone else, it was nearly impossible for her to put voice to her innermost feelings or stand up on her own behalf.  She came to realize that most of what she experienced was deep subconscious programming about how we, as women, are supposed to love.

Now, Jessica helps women distinguish between True Love and the False Forms of love we have been conditioned to accept.  Doing so requires accessing our feminine roots and remembering our ancient sovereignty, which existed before the soul of woman was denied.  Her book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, to be released in 2022, bridges ancient feminine wisdom with her modern-day journey.  In private sessions and workshops, Jessica helps women Radically Reclaim their Self to know freedom in love.

Her main source of inspiration is sitting in nature, climbing mountains, and reveling in the nourishment the earth provides.  Over the years, Jessica has studied various healing modalities, including yoga, shamanism, herbal medicine, and neuroscience.  She loves to lead others through embodied, energetic practices that lead them beyond the mental mind to the place where true love can be accessed: in their hearts.

Jessica is beyond delighted to guide women who are ready to unravel themselves from the beliefs that have stripped away their divinity.  She wants others to grow their own wings and learn how to fly with her on The Path to Sovereignty.  

Jessica’s Tools:

֍ Heartfelt compassionate wisdom that comes from facing the darkest aspects of herself

֍ An ability to see into the depths of another soul to help you uncover your own unique truth

֍ A sharp mind that quickly sees through patterns and isn’t afraid to challenge your attachments

֍ The ability to transmit ancient wisdom of the feminine, based on personal experience, combined with years of research and self-study

֍ A solid yoga and meditation practice for over 10 years, including teacher certification, body-centered training, and shamanic work

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