Offerings from my Heart to Yours

Body-centered wisdom, reclamation of the feminine, and the path to inner knowledge.

The Missing Piece

I realized I have been taking something for granted.  Because I’ve been doing deep healing work with my own body for almost 10 years now, I forgot to talk about the most essential piece.  Tonight, I begin teaching the Reclaim Your Body as Holy course.  While reflecting this morning with a cup of delicious greenContinue reading “The Missing Piece”

Let me be Lazy

Have you ever been told spending time with yourself is selfish?  Or that meditating is the equivalent of being lazy?  It’s easy to internalize the belief – perpetuated by a success-driven society – that setting aside time for oneself to go within is superfluous, indulgent or even narcissistic.  If it weren’t for this belief, thereContinue reading “Let me be Lazy”

To Feel is to be Human

You know how healing is a never-ending spiral?  It sometimes seems as if I’m confronting the same issues within myself over and over.  Each time, a deeper layer reveals itself.  Oh, how my mind longs for the days when I will be “completely healed.” (Insert laugher here.) What does that even look like?  In an idealizedContinue reading “To Feel is to be Human”

The Desire to Fix Myself

When I left the legal profession and ventured to Europe in 2013, I was living from the head up, disconnected from the throat down.  I prized mental intelligence over emotional intelligence.  Slowly, I began to drop down and in.  To feel.  To intuit.  To experience deep pleasure in the moment.  My intuition guided me acrossContinue reading “The Desire to Fix Myself”


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