Offerings from my Heart to Yours

Body-centered wisdom, reclamation of the feminine, and the path to inner knowledge.

Safety in the Unknown

Collectively, we’re in times of uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen. It can easily create feelings of tension or discomfort. Instinctively, we look outside for something to grasp, to hold onto, so we feel safe. We want the known, the familiar, the comfortable. What if you could source safety from within instead? What ifContinue reading “Safety in the Unknown”

Activate your Sovereignty

When you reclaim your sovereignty, you reconnect to your power, your worth, your choice, your voice, and your sexuality.  You truly honor and value who you are.  No longer do you submit to the will of others or silence yourself to be “nice.”  You’re honest.  Deeply, excruciatingly honest.  You choose what to tolerate or notContinue reading “Activate your Sovereignty”

Surrender to Soul

There is a lot happening in the world right now. Chaos might be an apt word. The future seems uncertain. Everything that used to seem so familiar now feels unsure. It’s as if we’re in a collective void of infinite possibilities. What we choose to create – individually and collectively – will depend on howContinue reading “Surrender to Soul”

Activate your Inner Power

We’re told our power comes from external sources: a job, a role, a position of authority, having influence or control over others, how successful we are, the way others perceive us. The problem is all of this is based on external circumstance. Which means it can be given or taken away by others. It isContinue reading “Activate your Inner Power”

Tear Down the Walls

When you don’t trust yourself, When you don’t know your value, When you deem yourself unworthy, You can’t fully be in your power. I don’t care what position you hold. How many degrees you have. The number of people who look up to or admire you. The amount of accolades on your wall. All ofContinue reading “Tear Down the Walls”


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