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* Body-Centered Wisdom

* Reclamation of the Divine Feminine

* Sacred Inner Union

* Inner Path to Knowledge

* The Truth about Power

Boundaries and Love

Boundaries are hard, especially for those of us who are sensitive, love to make everybody happy, and hate to disappoint. The problem is, we think boundaries are unloving. On a subconscious level, what’s happening is we don’t believe we’re allowed to have a Self – separate from the other person – and that choosing forContinue reading “Boundaries and Love”

To Know Thy Self

Without self-knowledge, we choose based on what we have been told to believe, beliefs we have inherited or absorbed, or old karmic patterns and habits. Our entire identity becomes wrapped up in external roles, positions, or authority granted to us. It is based on how we look, how much money or success we have orContinue reading “To Know Thy Self”

Sacred Feminine Power

A woman in her power lives from the body up, not from the head down. Her heart is open. Her sincerity can be felt. She is anchored so deeply in her Self that boundaries arise naturally. Compassionate boundaries. She’s able to speak her truth unapologetically, but she does so while seeing the other person fully.Continue reading “Sacred Feminine Power”

Embody the Divine

You are already divine. There is nothing to do to be more divine. However, we have been taught for literally thousands of years to see the divine outside of ourselves, which created a massive split in consciousness that impairs our ability to experience the divine in our body, our speech, our thoughts, our sexuality, ourContinue reading “Embody the Divine”

Embody your Divinity

Women were divine, revered, holy, and free thousands of years ago.  There was a time in which a woman’s sovereignty was recognized.  The goddess was worshipped.  The divine was recognized in All Things.  The elements themselves were honored and revered. Then, what I call the “great shift” occurred.  One male god was put up inContinue reading “Embody your Divinity”

Don’t get lost in the dark

It’s simply not possible to step fully into your sacred, sovereign power without shedding all that is standing in your way. Most of the so-called “blocks” are unconscious – held beneath the level of consciousness. That’s why the word “shadow” is so often used to describe the unconscious. We can’t see it because we aren’tContinue reading “Don’t get lost in the dark”


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