Offerings from my Heart to Yours

Body-centered wisdom, reclamation of the feminine, and the path to inner knowledge.

Be that F*cking Powerful

When you return to your sovereign state, you can no longer live in fear.  It dissipates.  And when it pokes its head up, you know exactly how to love it into dissolution.  Because you are that f*cking powerful. Your Sovereignty affects every single relationship in your life.  How could it not?  You show up exactlyContinue reading “Be that F*cking Powerful”

Claim your Worthiness

I remember the middle school dance like it was yesterday. Me: dancing wildly, clapping my hands, stomping my feet, turning around in wide circles with a huge smile on my face. Then, suddenly, a young boy came up and interrupted my flow. He snarled, “What do you think you’re doing? You can’t dance.” It stoppedContinue reading “Claim your Worthiness”

Open the Door to Freedom by Embodying the Priestess Within

You’re invited to watch this recent podcast interview between myself and Tessa Tovar with Outside the Studio. Here’s what we talk about: What is victim consciousness and how to move beyond itThe tools of the body, the soul, and the goddess or divine feminineWhat is the heart work, including a guided example of how toContinue reading “Open the Door to Freedom by Embodying the Priestess Within”

A Journey to True Power

In the courtroom, I was a high-powered attorney who spoke up loudly on behalf of others.  I had no trouble raising my voice or being seen in my crisp pantsuit.  I knew I was in control.  Authority was granted to me by the State, which meant people had to listen to me.  I knew IContinue reading “A Journey to True Power”

The Art of Both

Isn’t it funny how much we want other people to agree with us? I see it everywhere, especially now. When we believe strongly in something, we try to convince other people we are right. It is the only way. When we can’t accept an opposite opinion than our own, it’s often because we are afraidContinue reading “The Art of Both”

You get to be You

Have you ever been in the middle of a relationship and asked yourself, “What happened?  Where did I go?”  It starts subtly, like pretending you agree with your partner, even though you know inside it’s not true.  In fact, you adamantly disagree but fear sharing your own opinion because it might “upset him.”  Or hidingContinue reading “You get to be You”

True Medicine

When I want to turn away from something – an experience, a feeling, a person – I have to ask myself why.  What about the experience am I rejecting?  What within myself is afraid to face it?  Am I turning away by conscious choice, or am I reacting out of fear? Usually, it’s when thingsContinue reading “True Medicine”


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