Offerings from my Heart to Yours

Body-centered wisdom, reclamation of the feminine, and the path to inner knowledge.

A perfect orchestration

The past week, writing has been my main focus as the year comes to completion.  My soul begged me to give it the attention it deserves.  There are always so many other tasks and projects pulling on my time.  Only I could create the concentrated focus I needed by making it a priority.  Isn’t itContinue reading “A perfect orchestration”

Stop the Inner Turmoil

I know what it’s like to feel inner turmoil. To lack clarity. To feel confused about what action to take. It usually happens when I feel differently than I want to feel. In other words, my mind and body are in disagreement. The mind likes to keep us safe. It prefers the known and familiarity.Continue reading “Stop the Inner Turmoil”

Honor Your Relationship with You

Your relationship with yourself is the only permanent, lasting relationship you will ever have.  I know, it’s easy to get distracted or pulled in different directions.  Work.  Partners.  Family.  Friends.  We often put them first, or find ourselves compromising our own needs to make them happy.  Why? It seems we are conditioned to believe puttingContinue reading “Honor Your Relationship with You”

Don’t just “Let it Go”

Have you ever been told to just “let something go?”  Maybe it’s something you tell yourself every time you get upset.  In our “feelings make me uncomfortable” society, “let it go” usually means “stuff it down.”  When we do this, the rage simply festers inside.  Why?  Because the feeling is (1) unaccepted, (2) unacknowledged, andContinue reading “Don’t just “Let it Go””

Do it for You

It’s easy to get caught up in the world.  In the expectations and demands of others.  In the chaos that currently surrounds us.  Everyone and everything is pulling for your time and attention.  They want to sell you something, convince you their way is right, or pressure you to be there for them. Last night,Continue reading “Do it for You”

The Missing Piece

I realized I have been taking something for granted.  Because I’ve been doing deep healing work with my own body for almost 10 years now, I forgot to talk about the most essential piece.  Tonight, I begin teaching the Reclaim Your Body as Holy course.  While reflecting this morning with a cup of delicious greenContinue reading “The Missing Piece”

Let me be Lazy

Have you ever been told spending time with yourself is selfish?  Or that meditating is the equivalent of being lazy?  It’s easy to internalize the belief – perpetuated by a success-driven society – that setting aside time for oneself to go within is superfluous, indulgent or even narcissistic.  If it weren’t for this belief, thereContinue reading “Let me be Lazy”


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