Offerings from my Heart to Yours

Body-centered wisdom, reclamation of the feminine, and the path to inner knowledge.

The Heart Feels

I think it’s interesting how feelings are considered the realm of women only. Men aren’t “supposed” to feel because feelings are deemed “weak” or “unimportant.” They’re said to stand in the way of rational thinking, rather than a complement. So many women — myself included — adopt this viewpoint and give feelings an inferior status.Continue reading “The Heart Feels”

How to Know What You Want

When we’re not sure whether we want to be in relationship with someone or not, it signals a time to deeply listen. If we are thinking about changing jobs, or moving to a new city, it requires us to focus on our true desires. It’s especially necessary when we feel conflicted or confused about theContinue reading “How to Know What You Want”

Healing the Wound

I almost neglected writing a blog this week because I have way more feelings than thoughts. It’s not as easy to put them on paper. So often, when a feeling arises, we try to analyze it. If it doesn’t “make sense,” it is easy to tell ourselves we “shouldn’t” feel that way and shove itContinue reading “Healing the Wound”

Anger as a Source of Truth

We fear our anger, but it fuels our desire to change.  Sometimes, anger is necessary.  It says, “Wake up.  Open your eyes.  Stop playing small.” Anger rises when we have been ignored.  Rejected.  Made invisible.  Or when we feel powerless. Anger warns us when others try to overstep our boundaries. Anger yells, “Hey you!  StopContinue reading “Anger as a Source of Truth”

Love the hell out of it

The month of January has been one of digging down and deep. I’ve kept low to the ground, as all my energy poured into my writing. It’s difficult to extend energy outward when so much energy is needed for the roots themselves to grow. My book is like my root system. It has been aContinue reading “Love the hell out of it”

A perfect orchestration

The past week, writing has been my main focus as the year comes to completion.  My soul begged me to give it the attention it deserves.  There are always so many other tasks and projects pulling on my time.  Only I could create the concentrated focus I needed by making it a priority.  Isn’t itContinue reading “A perfect orchestration”

Stop the Inner Turmoil

I know what it’s like to feel inner turmoil. To lack clarity. To feel confused about what action to take. It usually happens when I feel differently than I want to feel. In other words, my mind and body are in disagreement. The mind likes to keep us safe. It prefers the known and familiarity.Continue reading “Stop the Inner Turmoil”

Honor Your Relationship with You

Your relationship with yourself is the only permanent, lasting relationship you will ever have.  I know, it’s easy to get distracted or pulled in different directions.  Work.  Partners.  Family.  Friends.  We often put them first, or find ourselves compromising our own needs to make them happy.  Why? It seems we are conditioned to believe puttingContinue reading “Honor Your Relationship with You”


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