Radically Reclaim your Self in Love

Experience a portal of transformation through 1:1 private online sessions with Jessica Falcon so you fully embody your power and experience soul freedom in all of your relationships. Choose from a 6-week, 3-month, or 6-month package.

Imagine for a moment what it will feel like to:

* Know yourself in Love

* Fully accept all parts of yourself

* Be seen and heard

* Value and honor who you are

* Create internal safety so you feel safe being seen

* Have a strong sense of self and healthy boundaries

* Speak your truth and put voice to how you feel deep inside

* Feel a sense of belonging and connection

* Release guilt and shame

* Stop taking responsibility for everybody else

* Trust your Self

* Heal the wounds of invisibility so your heart fully opens to love

* Release karmic ties and contracts and shed light on repetitive patterns in relationships so you take full responsibility for yourself and your life path.

* Balance the masculine and feminine within to create inner union

As women, we have been conditioned for millennia to see others – not ourselves.

How does this show up in relationships?

These are common tell-tale signs you haven’t escaped the belief – conscious or unconscious – that you are somehow less worthy than or inferior to others:

* You feel disconnected from your body’s wisdom, inner voice, and soul longings.

* You find it nearly impossible to voice your innermost feelings or express your needs.

* You don’t know or honor your own boundaries.

* You tend to take on the feelings, needs, and desires of others while neglecting your own.

* You feel guilty and responsible for the welfare of others.

* You harbor deep-seated shame, feelings of unworthiness, and anxiety you’re not good enough.

* You doubt your own feelings or experience and/or give greater weight to that of others.

* You fear conflict or disagreement.

* You feel obligated to please, make happy, or serve the needs of others at your own expense.

* You wonder “what’s wrong with me?” or blame yourself for any problem in the relationship.

* You have ever asked yourself the question, “What about me?!  Why does it have to be all about you?”

Jessica Falcon is a powerhouse. She’s intuitive, wise and a deep listener. Her meditations, visualizations, and ritual practices move me deeply. They connect me to my own inner voice, as well as the divine feminine collective. I feel fulfilled and fully expressed after time with her, and I keep coming back for more!


If you’re reading these words, I imagine you no longer wish to tolerate relationships in which you are invisible or unheard.  Good.  Having this awareness is the essential first step to reclaiming your power. 

You desire to experience a new kind of relationship, one in which both people are seen, heard, and honored.  One which is rooted in harmony, equality, and true soul freedom.

As much as we’re trained to put our attention on the other – and wait for them to see us – doing so will only keep us in self-defeating cycles.  It will not work.  Why? 

Because your soul is begging for you to take responsibility for yourself.  How?

Turn your attention inward.

See yourself.

Hear yourself.

Honor yourself.

Create wholeness within by unifying with all aspects of who you are.

To “wait” for another is to give them power over you. 

So, stop waiting.

Give yourself what you need.

Once you are whole and complete unto your Self, you will be able to experience the kind of relationship you desire. No longer will you tolerate anything less than love. True love – not enmeshed, codependent “love.”

The time is now:

* To release old, karmic contracts and agreements.

* To end ancestral cycles of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-doubt.

* To reclaim your Self fully in Love.

Your soul is ready to spread its wings so you can fly oh so high.

I’m here to guide you through this radical, embodied, permanent state of soul liberation.

When you’re ready to say, “Yes” to you, you’re invited to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

We’ll spend the 15 minutes exploring the desires circulating within you. It’s also an opportunity to get to know each other, and you can ask any questions you’d like. There’s zero sales pressure, so no need to worry. My hope is you’ll walk away with at least one practical thing you can do to open up to your power.

You are a powerful, magnificent soul here to change the course of relationships for yourself while healing past and future generations.

Jessica has a gentle way of guiding you through meditative practices, helping you to drop down into your core and open up the gateway to your own truth.

Lee Anne

Our work together is both practical and magical.

We use your daily life and circumstance to uncover any beliefs holding you back from your fullest expression. 

We will navigate the subconscious realm (otherwise known as the “shadow”) – that which is directing 95% of your behavior but lies beneath the conscious mind – and align it with your heart’s truth.  You will no longer be ruled by what you don’t know, which enables you to become your own authority.

We embrace your fears as teachers and face them head on.

You will learn how to connect deeply with your body’s innate wisdom and intelligence through breath practices, body dialog, inner journeys, and movement.

We will activate your soul’s remembrance of who you are through energetic activations, attunements through spoken words, and light language.

I will hold a space of radical love and deep compassion in which you are truly seen, heard, and honored.

My role is to help you see that which you haven’t seen before so you can open your eyes fully.

One by one, you will pull your power back from any outside source so it returns to where it belongs: inside of you.  

We will work with your conscious mind, the guidance of your body, and the wisdom of your heart to balance your mind – heart – and body into one integrated whole.

Do what has been forbidden. Take the fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom. It is the key to freedom.

Without it, we stay chained to old beliefs, family patterns, and limiting habits.  I will continuously tempt you to taste the fruit of your own desires, to expand more than you ever thought possible, and to know what it’s like to stand fully in your power, unapologetic and unafraid.

You do not have to do this alone.

Allow yourself to be supported.

Open to receive.

The 1:1 Coaching Program to Radically Reclaim your Self in Love is truly an Initiation onto the ancient Path of Sovereignty so you:

֍  Fully possess yourself

֍  Become your own authority

֍  Source love from within

This is about you embodying your divinity. 

You deserve to be seen, heard, and honored in your relationships.  It is time to remove blocks to experiencing the true love you seek.

During this Portal of Transformation, you will be guided to:

֍  Access your Body’s Wisdom

so you become deeply intimate with your own needs – feelings – desires.

֍  Know your Boundaries

so you become your own authority and consciously choose what you will or will not tolerate.

֍  Reclaim your Voice

from the fears and beliefs that keep you silent in order to confidently express yourself even in the face of conflict or disagreement.

֍  Embody your Power

by fully accepting all aspects of who you are with radical love and self-acceptance do you can allow yourself to be fully seen.

to create healthy, conscious relationships in which you own your right to take up space because you know you matter just as much as your partner.

Your old patterns will no longer control you.

You will consciously create new relationship patterns based on shared power, equality, and true love.

The time is now.

That is, if you’re ready to feel freedom, joy, and ecstatic liberation from every shackle of false love and every chain of imprisoned belief systems.

This is not about a quick fix.  It is about recognizing and harnessing the power within to create ecstatic soul liberation.

Online coaching sessions are offered in 6-week, 3-month, or 6-month packages.

You will be held in a sacred portal of transformation no matter which level of coaching package you desire to invest in. When your soul says “yes!” the process of reclamation immediately begins. Throughout our time together, I will offer energetic and emotional support as you fully open your eyes to your Self and the immense power that lies within you. This is a tremendous opportunity to shed the limiting beliefs and allow the truest essence of you to be fully revealed.


Reclamation Ritual

6 potent 1:1 sessions


Reconnection Ritual

9 1:1 coaching sessions

Core Star Activation

Throat Chakra Activation

Womb Power Activation


Initiation Ritual

18 1:1 coaching sessions

Reconnection Activation

Core Star Activation

Throat Chakra Activation

Womb Power Activation

Heart Activation

Crowning Ritual

This work is deep, raw, and transformative. It will last the rest of your lifetime. You will never be the same.

Monthly & extended payment plans are available to support you wherever you are.

The decision to Reclaim your Self in Love is a radical act.

For thousands of years, women have been forbidden the right to a Self.

We’ve been told to give and give until our well runs dry.

To sacrifice ourselves in the name of love.

To deny who we are.

To forego our own desires, needs, and wants to fulfill those of others.

To pretend we don’t have feelings or control them, mask them, suffocate ourselves.

To be “good.”



To please those around us.

To make everybody else happy.

All while denying who we are.

This has to end. And you don’t have to wait for society to catch up, or for your partner to understand, or your kids or friends to agree.

It gets to stop with you now.

When you Radically Reclaim your Self, you do so for the benefit of every woman who has ever come before you, for every woman who will come after. You do it for the earth. For the healing of the feminine.

But, most importantly, you do it for you.

For your soul.

For your freedom.

For your joy.

For your own ecstatic liberation.

This kind of freedom has long been denied women.  Our power has been greatly feared.

Over time, we started to fear our own power because we wanted to be loved, to belong, to feel safe.

The problem is it all came at our own expense.

Now, it is time to reclaim our power back from:

* All the beliefs,

* All the conditioning

* All the expectations

* All the fears

* All the demands

that have kept us small, in hiding, and invisible

So that we can fully reveal ourselves in our truth, in all our glory, in all our radiance by:

* Knowing ourselves deeply

* Accessing our own body’s wisdom

* Remembering our ancient sovereign power.

That’s right.  Women were sovereign and free over 5,000 years ago.  The most worshipped deity in ancient Sumer was a woman

But, over time, our rights and liberties were stripped away.

We succumbed to fear.

And we forgot who we were.

We yielded to the control of others who believed they owned us.  That they could possess us.  As if we were mere bodies for their benefit.

We forgot the power of our own souls.  Our own wombs.  Our direct connection to the Earth.

We saw ourselves through their eyes instead of our own.

We looked outward instead of inward.

Our souls are calling us back.

The earth is yearning for our return.

Do you hear the silent whispers?

The urging to unravel yourself from the layers of oppression?

The desire to open your eyes fully and see what you have not seen before?

I imagine – if you are reading these words – the answer is, “Yes!!!”

When you do, I’m here to be your guide and show you the way to Sovereignty so you can experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom through connection with your own divine essence.

Jessica is a clear and passionate teacher with her finger on the pulse of what’s true and what is here for us! I am so grateful she brought me closer to my own aliveness.


Each time you choose to say yes to you, magic begins to happen.

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