Sacred Private Sessions

Unearth your soul’s deepest truths.  Remember your ancient roots.  Embrace the depth of your power.

Private Sessions with Jessica Falcon

Each private session is an invitation to your soul to speak its highest truths.  Together, we will work through any inner turmoil or confusion, as you peel back layer after layer of expectation, demands, shoulds and internalized shame put on you by others.

I will guide you through a process of self-discovery.  Through a process of deep listening, visualization, body dialogue and intuition, you will become intimately familiar with your inner world.  Layers will be revealed as you descend deeper and deeper into your subconscious mind. 

Together, we will challenge your current belief systems.  What stories are you telling yourself?  Which ones need to be rewritten?

Growth often necessitates discomfort as we rise out of familiar patterns.  I will take you through a shedding, a letting go, a release of what no longer serves you.  Only through death and release can you truly embrace the new.  As you remove the layers of false attachments, of self-denial, of internalized shame, truth will reveal itself.  There will be no more places to hide.  Through loving self-acceptance, your divinity will merge with your humanity. 

This Work is for You if:

֍ You have internalized shame, especially around your body, sexuality or your unique gifts

֍ You feel unsafe in your body or disconnected from the throat down

֍ You are unable to fully express yourself or experience a “lump in your throat” when speaking up on your own behalf.  It is difficult, if not impossible, to put voice to your innermost feelings.

֍ You don’t know what your boundaries are or have difficulty enforcing them.  The lines between you and another are blurred.

֍ You find it easier to live in your head because mental intelligence comes easily to you, but emotional intelligence feels like a foreign language.

֍ You see yourself submitting to the will of another, either by meeting their needs at the expense of your own or sacrificing your own desires to fulfill theirs.

֍ You have a deep sense of unworthiness, inferiority, or as if something is wrong with you.  Your inner critic keeps you in hiding.

֍ You have experienced sexual trauma or relationship violence – especially emotional or mental abuse – and you desire to face the pain and reclaim your power.

֍ You experience inner turmoil and confusion, either in relationship or at work.  There is a tug of war between what you feel and what you think.  You feel stuck, but you are ready for change.

I am Here if You are Ready to:

Unearth your own needs, desires, and feelings

Access your inner voice and intuition, which is the soul speaking to us through the body

Learn how to validate yourself and stop seeking approval from others

Show your authentic, powerful self to others, especially in the context of a relationship

Explore the depths of yourself, especially the real, raw, messy you.  Let her out of the cage!

Experience freedom and equality in all of your relationships

Create a relationship between you, your body, and the earth

Jessica channels through the frequency of the heart and offers light to the most shadowed places within the mind, body and spirit.  Her guidance is warm, embodied, and fertile.  Her purity is deep medicine, and she transmutes energy by merely standing in the vibration of grace and honor.

Cole Lopez, founder of house of magick ny

My Tools:

֍ Heartfelt compassionate wisdom that comes from facing the darkest aspects of myself

֍ An ability to see into the depths of another soul to help you uncover your own unique truth

֍ A sharp mind that quickly sees through patterns and isn’t afraid to challenge your attachments

֍ The ability to transmit ancient wisdom of the feminine, based on personal experience, combined with years of research and self-study

֍ A solid yoga and meditation practice for over 10 years, including teacher certification, body-centered training and shamanic work

If you say “Yes” to any of the following, we’ll find ourselves in a happy dance:

You are ready to see yourself, hear yourself and honor yourself.
You know there is something more to the world we live in, and you’re willing to see beyond physical appearances.
You desire a soulful, embodied approach to healing that encompasses your mind, body and heart.

The Juicy Details:  

A 1-hour private sessions is $85. 

One Hour Private Session with Jessica Falcon

Receive embodied, soulful wisdom in a sacred, safe space.


Packages of 5 are available at a discounted rate, since the longer we do this work together, the greater benefit you will reap.  In honor of the upcoming holidays, I’m gifting 5 sessions for only $55 each! That’s a savings of $150.

True joy is only possible when we connect deeply with our own soul. Give yourself the gift of self-discovery.

Limited-Time SPECIAL 5 Sessions for $55 Each

Receive 5 sacred private sessions with Jessica Falcon to delve even further into your own depths.


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