When you fully see yourself, you no longer tolerate being invisible to other people.

Private Coaching for women who are ready to embody their sovereignty, essential for knowing freedom in love.

Do you struggle to feel heard and understood in your relationships?

Can you separate their feelings from your own?

Have you forsaken your needs and fulfilled those of another out of obligation?

Do you feel incapable of expressing yourself or knowing what you want? 

Are you afraid what you say will upset your partner?

Can you easily, and unapologetically, express your boundary?

Can you say “no” safely?

Have you asked yourself: “What about me?” 

“Where did I go?”

If you find yourself repeating the same patterns, over and over, in relationships, it is time to stop the cycle.

You are not a victim.

You are a Queen.

You are a Sovereign Woman.

You have the ability to pull your power back from all the beliefs, fears, and old stories you have been told about what “love” is.

We have been taught to believe love demands self-sacrifice.  For thousands of years, women were told to silence themselves, submit to another authority, and serve those around them. 

We may not realize we are following along with this mandate because most of us are unconscious of the ways we deny ourselves.

There is likely a still, small voice inside tugging at you, saying, “It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Any time you place yourself underneath another, and call it “love,” you are lying to yourself.

Trying to satisfy another person’s needs at the expense of your own creates resentment, bitterness, and frustration.  The anger serves a purpose. 

It means you are ready to open your eyes.

You are ready to feel free to express yourself, be seen for who you are, and stop apologizing. 

You are worthy.

You have the right to be here.

You have the right to take up space.

Claim it.

Live it.

Breathe it.

I’m here to guide you through the joyful, imaginative, and transformative process of learning how.

Imagine what it feels like to be a Sovereign Woman.

It doesn’t have to be all about the other.  It gets to be about you too.  A relationship is meant to serve both people.

Yet, it is up to you to claim yourself as equal and worthy of true connection and love.

When you fully see yourself, you no longer tolerate being invisible to other people.

When you fully hear yourself, it becomes easier to vocalize how you feel or what you want to others.

When you fully honor yourself, you do not deny compassion to your wounds, or traumas, or hurts.  You hold yourself in loving arms.  You whisper sweet words in your ear.  You give yourself time and space to simply be and receive the love inside of you.

What you can expect:

You will ground into your body so you can touch your feelings, needs and desires separate from the ones expected or demanded of you.

You will learn how to validate yourself and stop seeking permission from others.

You will deepen into your right to take up space and be seen by knowing your own boundaries.

You will connect your voice with the deepest parts of self and move through any fear that arises.

You will commit to honoring yourself as worthy of true love.

Connect * Anchor * Remember * Reclaim * Rise

Jessica channels through the frequency of the heart and offers light to the most shadowed places within the mind, body and spirit.  Her guidance is warm, embodied, and fertile.  Her purity is deep medicine, and she transmutes energy by merely standing in the vibration of grace and honor.

Cole Lopez, founder of house of magick ny
I am not a relationship therapist or marriage counselor.  Our work is purely in the context of coaching.  My role is to help you deepen into your body-heart-soul to access the wisdom that lies within. 
I hold space for you to be raw, real, and radical.  The choice of what to do is always yours.  Therein lies your power. 
Through a process of deep listening, visualization, and body dialogue, you will become intimately familiar with your inner world. 
We will use grounding practices and energy techniques during our sessions.  I can’t wait to watch you open as you reveal yourself, one beautiful layer at a time.
Your heart knows.  Your body knows.  Your womb knows. 

Will you say “yes” to you?

The Juicy Details:  

Private coaching is available in packages of 5, or we can delve deeper with a 3-month or 6-month commitment. The longer we work together, the greater benefit you will reap.

It is so easy to invest in others. It is time to invest in yourself. When we become lost in the cycle of confusion and indecision, it wears on body, mind and soul. We become depleted or exhausted. There’s no need.

Your inner resources are waiting for you to tap into them. It is not necessary to struggle endlessly by yourself. I tried that too. The reality is you are not alone.

Package of 5 Private Sacred Sessions with Jessica Falcon

5 is the number of change. Prepare to find your center, know your boundary, and use your voice.


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