Radically Reclaim Your Self to Know Freedom in Love

Is it difficult to express your innermost feelings?  Do you prefer to keep your mouth shut rather than face the potential of conflict? 

Have you silenced or rejected parts of yourself to gain the love or approval of another? Maybe you found yourself apologizing when you weren’t who others wanted you to be?

Do you tend to doubt yourself and focus instead on what others want from you?

Perhaps you’ve noticed that how you feel is dependent on how your partner feels. You take his needs and make them your own. You feel responsible for his happiness, yet simultaneously resent having to bear the burden.

It might even feel unloving to say “no” or have a boundary.

In partnership, I wanted my partner to like everything about me, and to see me as “good” and “worthy.”  I changed who I was to make him happy, which included downplaying my strengths and highlighting my weaknesses. 

I used to be very familiar with the “I’m not good enough” mantra, which necessitated a never-ending urge to prove myself.  Anytime something went wrong in my relationship, I assumed it was my fault.  If only I’d “been better,” things would have been different.

The relationship left me feeling frustrated, silenced, and depleted.

Eventually, I asked myself the question, “Why does it have to be all about him?  Why can’t it be about me too?”

Maybe you also know what it’s like to feel free and independent when alone, but somehow lose yourself when in relationship with another.

As women, we have been conditioned to love in a way that denies the Self.  Our existence, we’re told, is for the benefit of others, not ourselves.  So, when we’re alone, we get to be us, but as soon as we’re in relationship, we subconsciously fulfill the expectations and demands of others.

We give our partner all of who we are:

֍  To meet their needs

֍  To make them happy

֍  To be who they want us to be.

It feels suffocating.  Exhausting.  Draining. 

It is not “loving” to always give priority to others – what they need and want – while placing yourself second or to deny your own desires. 

My role is to help you distinguish between true love and the false forms of love we have been conditioned to accept based on the denial of our own divinity. 

True love knows no hierarchy.  The heart only sees both, not one or the other. 

It necessitates that you reclaim your own soul as worthy, divine, and free.

Only then can you discover true love, based on equality, shared power, and freedom.

You have the right to exist for yourself.

It is not selfish or unloving to think of you too.

You deserve to be seen.

The time is now to stop the cycle of invisibility and set yourself free from the chains of beliefs, social conditioning, and limitations that have kept women bound to second-place status for far too long.  My goal isn’t to save or end your relationship.  It’s to help you navigate you in your relationship.

This requires doing things differently than you ever have.  A shaking up must occur in the way you think and how you act. 

Jessica Falcon is a powerhouse. She’s intuitive, wise and a deep listener. I’ve practiced in circle with her for several years now, and her meditations, visualizations, and ritual practices move me deeply. They connect me to my own inner voice, as well as the divine feminine collective. I feel fulfilled and fully expressed after an evening of practice with her, and I keep coming back for more!


Transformational Coaching Program: Radical Reclamation of Self

When you are ready to overcome feelings of shame, self-doubt, and unworthiness so you feel free to fully be and express who you are in relationships, the Transformational 1:1 Coaching Program Radical Reclamation of Self will guide you to:

֍  Access your Body’s Wisdom

so you become deeply intimate with your own needs – feelings – desires.

֍  Know your Boundaries

so you become your own authority and consciously choose what you will or will not tolerate.

֍  Reclaim your Voice

from the fears and beliefs that keep you silent in order to confidently express yourself even in the face of conflict or disagreement.

֍  Embody your Power

by fully accepting all aspects of who you are with radical love and self-acceptance do you can allow yourself to be fully seen.

to create healthy, conscious relationships in which you own your right to take up space because you know you matter just as much as your partner.

Your old patterns will no longer control you.

You will consciously create new relationship patterns based on shared power, equality, and true love.

The time is now.  

That is, if you’re ready to feel freedom, joy, and ecstatic liberation from every shackle of false love and every chain of imprisoned belief systems.

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Jessica has a gentle way of guiding you through meditative practices, helping you to drop down into your core and open up the gateway to your own truth.

Lee Anne

It is truly an Initiation onto the ancient Path of Sovereignty so you:

֍  Fully possess yourself

֍  Become your own authority

֍  Source love from within

This is about you embodying your divinity. 

You deserve to be seen, heard, and honored in your relationships.  It is time to remove blocks to experiencing the true love you seek.

This Transformational Coaching Program is for you if:

֍ You tend to silence yourself in hopes of “keeping the peace” or “avoiding conflict.”

֍ You take in the opinions of others and make them your own.

֍ You have difficulty separating yourself – your needs, your desires, your feelings – from those of others.

֍ You don’t know what you want.

֍ You want others to validate how you feel before you validate how you feel.

֍ You feel burdened by the pressure to please or make others happy.

֍ You are always last on your own to-do list.

֍ You don’t feel seen, heard, or honored in your relationships.

֍ You know what it’s like to feel invisible – but you are ready to fully see your radiant Self.

֍ You have experienced inner torment, festering rage, or resentment as a result of holding back your fullest expression.

֍ You have rejected parts of yourself that others rejected.

֍ You fear being “too much.”

֍ You fear being “selfish.”

֍ You fear not belonging and feeling like an outcast.

֍ You fear you are not lovable.

֍ You fear being alone.

This work is deep, raw, and transformative. It will last the rest of your lifetime. You will never be the same.

Jessica is a clear and passionate teacher with her finger on the pulse of what’s true and what is here for us! I am so grateful she brought me closer to my own aliveness.


You might be used to investing in others but have a hard time spending money on yourself.  After all, we have been taught that thinking of oneself is “selfish.”  It’s part of the old paradigm bent on controlling women and keeping them caged so we can’t access the inherent power that lies within us. 

You can either stay behind the bars or take the leap and trust in your soul’s capacity to guide you to exactly what you need when you need it. 

If you want to reclaim you, the first step is to take the risk of believing you are worth it

The simple act of investing in yourself sends a message to the Universe that you are committing to expanding, rising, and freeing yourself from the old shackles. 

Schedule your free Soul Freedom Breakthrough Session.

During this free session, you will discover what’s blocking your fullest expression in relationships so you can fully be and express who you are.

Take the forbidden fruit.  Join me in a revolution to redefine the way we love by Radically Reclaiming your Self.   Schedule a free Soul Freedom Breakthrough Session here or fill out the form below to see what’s blocking your fullest expression in relationships. 

About Jessica:

Jessica is a lawyer turned mystic.  After serving as a criminal prosecutor, she embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe.  Her book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess recounts a descent into the underworld of her subconscious beliefs in the midst of a tortuous relationship.  Though she had authority in the courtroom, she didn’t know how to source power from within.  Only by accessing the wisdom of her body could she set herself free.  It required writing a new definition of love that does not exclude the self. 

Now, Jessica guides women through powerful Portals of Transformation to embody their divinity so they know freedom in love. Through workshops she helps women reclaim their body as holy, their voice as their power, and their sexuality as their own.  As a speaker, she confronts the historical roots of violence against women and proposes solutions to create true empowerment through self-knowledge. 

Self-knowledge is the key to freedom.

Without it, we stay chained to old beliefs, family patterns, and limiting habits.  I will continuously tempt you to taste the fruit of your own desires, to expand more than you ever thought possible, and to know what it’s like to stand fully in your power, unapologetic and unafraid.

This isn’t work you can – or need to do – alone.  We all have blind spots, things we can’t see, because it’s all we’ve ever known.  Habits, patterns, and conditioned tendencies keep us stuck, feeling trapped in the belief, “This is just the way it is.”  That’s only true if we let it be true.  It’s time to take life and make it about your soul’s growth.

You are not a helpless being.  You are a powerful, magnificent soul here to change the course of relationships for yourself while healing past and future generations.

 This involves reprogramming the mind, accessing the body’s wisdom, and rewriting your story. 

Often, we fear that being in power will rid us of the love in our lives.  It stops us from moving forward.  We don’t want to let go of familiar comforts.  But I assure you that a whole new avenue of love will open up to you, greater than you have ever known.

As you remember your sovereign nature, you will take a seat on your queenly throne to reveal yourself in all your radiance and glory, without apology.  You will be able to rule next to your king of choice – as his equal – not underneath.

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