My Why

Over 5,000 years ago, the most worshipped deity was a woman.

Women were sovereign and free.  They knew the holiness of their bodies, the sacredness of their sexuality, and the power of their voice.  Many served as priestesses in the temples to the earth goddess.

Yet, a massive shift took place in which it was forbidden to worship the goddess.  Warring invaders introduced a new male sky god who was to reign supreme over all others.  Priestesses were literally ripped from their temples and forced into slavery and prostitution.

When the earth was deemed inferior and unholy, so were women.  Only men were made in the image of the male god, which gave them “divine authority” to rule over women. 

For the first time in history, the divine was no longer recognized on earth or in life itself.   A great split occurred between matter and spirit, body and soul, man and woman.

The story of Adam and Eve was purposefully crafted to encode this new belief system into the minds of the people.  They are the beliefs we have inherited.  They are the beliefs that continue to reside in our subconscious minds even if we do not consciously adhere to them. 

The story served as a direct warning to women:

* You are not allowed to worship the goddess.

* You are not allowed to know yourself as divine.

* You are not allowed to choose for yourself.

* You are not allowed to trust your desires.

* Those who do will be punished and cast out of love.

Women were denied the right to have a Self separate from other.  They could not exist for their own benefit.

Consciously, I did not agree to this, but I still felt deeply afraid of being seen in my power.

I feared showing parts of myself others didn’t like because I did not know myself as worthy of love for who I am.

I silenced my voice and believed, deep down, I did not matter.

This is despite having been a bulldog-in-a-skirt criminal prosecutor plus a staunch women’s rights advocate.  

Yet, when I took the forbidden fruit of the goddess, I remembered the truth of who I am and set myself free. 

Now, I hold out my hand to offer you this fruit.

It is the ancient, primordial wisdom of the goddess.

It is your soul beckoning you to return home.

It is the divine pulsing within your cells.

Your body is a portal to the divine within you.  I help you reconnect to power, truth, and majesty of who you are so you experience the ecstasy of true soul freedom.

But first, you must say yes to you.


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