Earth Wisdom

The Fruit of Knowledge Awaits

Imagine a world in which every living thing is honored as sacred.

Imagine the Earth being honored for the abundance of nourishment she provides in the form of fruits and grains, water, and a feast for the eyes.

Imagine woman living in her full sovereign choice, who fully ingests the knowledge of her own divinity.

Ancient civilizations lived in harmony with the earth.  No separation existed between spirit and matter.  They were one, conjoined together.  Thus, the divine could be found in every leaf, every flower, every person.  Creation itself was a miracle.  The elements – air, fire, earth, water – sustained life both within and without. 

Yet for several thousand years, many of us have come to associate the divine with something “up there.”  We are told that it exists outside of us.  Matter became “dead,” while spirit was “living.”  A split occurred between sky and earth, body and spirit, man and woman.

Over time, through intentional violence and warfare, the feminine face of god was destroyed and the goddess hidden underground as early as 3,500 B.C. Only the god could be worshipped.  This god was a sky god, who existed “up there,” “above,” “in the heavens.”  He was separate from life on earth.  He ruled over and conquered those who refused to forsake the land on which they walked.

Spirit, it was believed, could only be obtained by going up and out of matter.  Up and out of the body.  Up and out of earth.  Those “things” were to be denied, controlled and feared.  Women no longer represented the divine, only men did.  Only men were made in the image of this new male sky god.  Women “tempted” men to the earth plane and away from spirit.  Thus, women were also to be denied, controlled and feared.

Reason and logic came to replace mystery and magic.  To access god, one was encouraged to leave the earth.  Life was supposed to be hard, painful and full of suffering.  To deny the body was to “free one’s soul.” 

We have been told to associate the divine or spiritual advancement with going “up.”  Yet, a close reading of ancient wisdom teachings points in the other direction.  They teach us to descend in order to ascend by accessing the depths of our own being.

What if the ancients knew what we have forgotten?  What if matter itself holds the source of creation within?  What if we can access god in every cell, in every experience, in every moment while here on earth?  What if the separation between heaven and earth is only a matter of consciousness?

The key to life in Egypt was the Ankh.  “An,” in ancient Sumer, meant “Heaven.”  “Ki” pronounced “Kh” meant “Earth.”  To unify heaven and earth was known as the key and the way.  To see the divinity of earth – as the goddess she is – creates the foundation for seeing the divinity of the body.  Of woman.  Of life.  Of the now.

In the Garden of Eden (translated as the Garden of Delight), Eve was approached by the serpent. The serpent has long represented the ways of the goddess. The god forbid her to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. Yet Eve chose to listen to the voice of the goddess, not the god. She knew herself as sovereign. She understood that her divinity was not at risk. She chose to take the fruit. Perhaps you will too.

Taste the sweetness of your power.

Allow the juices to drip down your chin.

Give yourself permission to live a life of ecstasy.

The ecstasy of being free.

The ecstasy of full-bodied connection with your own divine essence.

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