My Why

Over 5,000 years ago, the most worshipped deity was a woman.

Surprising, eh?

We were not taught this growing up.  We have been told that god is a man and only those made in his image (men) could rule.  Whether we consciously ascribe to Judeo-Christian beliefs or not, the belief system that the divine/god exists outside of us – up there, in the sky, outside of earth – has been deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche. 

A great split occurred between matter (the earth) and spirit.  The goddess herself was pushed underground, buried for thousands of years.  The earth was no longer considered sacred.  When this happened, women were no longer recognized as holy, nor was the body, our sexuality, or life itself.  

My soul’s mission is to help lift the goddess up from underground so she can be fully revealed in all of her glory once again – through our bodies, through our hearts, through our remembrance of our own divine nature.

When we heal this split within ourselves – through our very own consciousness – we return to union.

It is the union of our body with our soul.

The union of our inner masculine with our inner feminine.

The union of our humanity with our divinity.

This is not purely a mental concept.

To reunite with the divine feminine is to have a felt, embodied experience of your divinity while here in form.

Love is the key and the way.

You must enter the chambers of your holy heart.

You must enter the dark cave of your body to access its infinite wisdom.

You must open your eyes to see all you have not seen before as your consciousness is expanded, uplifted, transformed.

This requires taking the forbidden fruit of the goddess.

In so doing, you will be asked to lovingly witness and release all that has stood in your way:

* Inherited Beliefs

* Shame

* Guilt & Blame

* Absorbed Conditioning

* Fear & Doubt

* Unworthiness

* Programming

* Karmic imprints

* Soul traumas

The blinders are removed.

The chains unlocked.

The shackles dissolved.

The result?

You own your majesty.

You own your radiant, golden nature.

You own your sovereign power.

You own your own soul.

You belong fully to you.

You are fully, ecstatically free.

This is how we heal unequal power dynamics between men and women, including the root of violence against women.

This is how we create conscious, sacred relationships rooted in true love and equality – not the false forms of love we have been conditioned to accept.

This is how we bridge heaven and earth through our very own being and heal the wound of separation for not only ourselves, but future generations.

It begins with you love.

Yes, you.

You matter that much.

You are that worthy.

The only question is:

Will you say yes to you?

If so, let the journey begin.

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