InnerCore Yoga

Your body is a portal to the divine.

Portal : Doorway, Gateway, Entrance

InnerCore Yoga is not just a movement practice.  When we link breath with movement, it allows us to deepen into ourselves.  Going in and out of a pose several times calibrates the nervous system in order to reduce stress and promote calm.  As we hold a pose, the muscles and surrounding fascia have time to relax and release.

Yoga connects us to our body.  It creates awareness of what is happening inside.  Jessica teaches without music to allow this inner conversation to take place.  As Mary Magdalene taught, it is in the silence that we hear.

Each class begins with a few minutes of grounding and guided visualization.  Often, Jessica leads students through sound that harmonizes the energetic centers, or chakras.  The combination of intentional breath and focused movement – not to mention a little laughter – will have you feeling revitalized and centered within your very own being.

I always feel that Jessica’s class and type of yoga was designed just for me! Strengthening my lower back and core has been a life saver. She designs her class to meet the needs and issues for each of us present. Most of all, it is the gift of yoga that merges body, mind and spirit in a practice for a balanced life we all aspire to. Jessica’s teaching does just that for me. Her class is fun, loving and interactive. I am grateful for all that she offers us.


About Jessica:

Trained as a lawyer, Jessica left her legal career after seven years of practice to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe.  The journey took her deeper within than she ever imagined.  Her body became her compass.  As it spoke to her on the yoga mat, she discovered an innate connection between her body and her beliefs, as well as the power to change them both. 

After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, Jessica finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.  Her recently completed book, Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey.  It is about a woman who frees herself from the belief that she exists for anyone but herself.

Jessica teaches online and in-person classes and workshops to help women reclaim their body, their sexuality and their voice.  She also offers private sessions to those who are ready to unravel the beliefs that keep them small to reveal the truth of who they are, stop apologizing and embrace their raw, radical power. 

I love taking Jessica’s class because she teaches in a way where I learn more about how a pose should be held and its purposes. While educating me about my body, she also lifts my spirit with her jovial laughter and contagious smile. She has an energy and sense of peace she transfers to her students with her calm, guiding voice. You won’t be disappointed… 

~ Tricha

I have been taking Jessica’s yoga classes for over a year. They have had a positive effect on me in many ways.  I not only feel physically stronger, but also a sense of peace and well being.  Jessica has a very welcoming and caring style to her teaching.  

~ Marie

Spiritual and holistic healing is part of Jessica’s practice. She connects yoga movement to the body and the spirit. Her guidance and teachings have enabled me to connect with my body in a whole new way.  

~ Lesley

Your body is your companion.

Your guide.

Your compass.

Are you ready to form a deep, intimate relationship with your Self?

I’m here to help.

You are not meant to do this alone.

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