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The Fruit of Self-Knowledge grants True Power

Jessica Falcon, Author, Speaker & Wayshower

Seven years as an attorney and criminal prosecutor, combined with her experience in an abusive relationship, left Jessica convinced: 

The denial of Self perpetuates the cycle of violence.  

The roots of disempowerment that result when we put god outside of ourselves – and outside of life on earth – feed violence.  When the body is separated from the divinity contained within, it is easy to kill, to abuse, to rape. 

Guilt, shame and fear reign supreme. 

In the infamous Garden of Eden, Eve chose to take the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. In so doing, she listened to the voice of the goddess, not the god. The serpent told her the truth: She would not be killed. Rather, the fruit “made her like the gods.”

It transferred the power of choice.

The power of knowing oneself.

The power of sovereignty.

Why we must Reclaim our Body as a Portal

Whether we like it or not, the stories we are told shape our perception of ourselves and the universe.  In the creation story of Adam and Eve, the husband and wife became ashamed upon realizing their bodies were naked and exposed.  Immediately, they covered themselves in fig leaves.  We are led to believe that, prior to this knowledge, they lived happily unaware of their bodies. 

According to the Judeo-Christian philosophies which continued to develop, the body had to be denied to reach spiritual heights.  A split ensued between spirit and body.  The result of this belief was lust, objectification and shame.  

Fortunately, modern science has helped us understand what ancient civilizations already knew: the divine exists within all things, including the body.  When we descend into the depths of our body, we access the magic and mystery that reside within.  Truth begins to reveal itself.

How we Reclaim Our Sexuality as Holy

St. Paul, who is responsible for the formation of Christianity as we know it, taught that sex distracted people from service to God.  Anything that took someone’s attention away from above and placed it on earth was problematic since the end times were near.  Clearly, this was rooted in the belief that divinity could not be found on earth in the here and now, or in the communion between two souls.

Later, St. Augustine turned sex into a “sin” because he admittedly could not control his lustful desires.  Yet, he only felt lust because the society he lived in had long separated the body of woman from her divinity.  This separation, which happened at least 3,000 years before his time, set the very foundation for rape.  

Women were obligated to have sex against their will, as it was their “duty” to please and serve men.  This destroyed the ability to experience holy communion between a man and woman in the sexual act.  When a woman reclaims her sexuality as her own, she frees herself from the beliefs that denied her sovereignty.  Not only does she choose consciously whether to have sex, she asserts her right to pleasure.

The Need to Remember Our Voice as Our Power:

The voice of Isis was renowned in Egyptian times for her ability to speak the words of power that revived her dead husband Osiris.  Yet, in the first Judeo-Christian text, Genesis, men are warned not to listen to their wives.  Rather, women were to remain silent and submit to male authority.  When they spoke the truth of their experience – which was often at odds with that of men – they were hurt or killed. 

Two thousand years later, women continue to feel blocked when it comes to putting voice to their innermost feelings.  Instead, they silence themselves to make another happy, while praising self-abnegation as a virtue.  Yet it remains our power to speak directly from our soul.  The words of magic are ready to be revealed.  Our task as women is to remember. 

What if, when Eve ate the fruit of the tree, it granted her a life of sovereignty? 

A life in which she would not be subject to the will of another, because she tasted the sweetness of her own power. 

Its juices dribbled down her chin and gave her a glimpse of ecstasy. 

The ecstasy of being free. 

The ecstasy of full-bodied connection with her own divine essence. 

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Jessica offers an embodied, soulful approach to reclaiming your power.  After seven years of practicing law, she left the legal profession to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage.  Once at the cave of Mary Magdalene in France, Jessica began her initiation into deep feminine mysteries. 

Her nearly completed book, Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey.  

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