The Fruit of Self-Knowledge grants True Freedom

Jessica Falcon, Author, Speaker & Wayshower

Jessica is a lawyer turned mystic.  After serving as a criminal prosecutor, she embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe.  Her book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess recounts a descent into the underworld of her subconscious beliefs in the midst of a tortuous relationship.  Now, she helps women reclaim their body as holy, their voice as their power, and their sexuality as their own.  As a speaker, she addresses the roots of violence and oppression while proposing solutions to help each person find freedom in love.

Sample Speaking Topics:

How to Pull out the Roots that Sustain Violence against Women

Why we need to Redefine the Way we Love

Cast off the Cloak of Shame: Embrace your Sexuality

Break the Chains of Invisibility: Activate your Voice as your Power

How to Reclaim the Holiness of your Form

Why Sex is a Form of Holy Communion, not a Sin

The Path of Returning to our Feminine Roots

How to Rise in Love & Find Freedom in Relationships

Jessica’s talk was extremely empowering and thought-provoking!  She is truly an inspiring speaker, on top of having an amazing message.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.


What if, when Eve ate the fruit of the tree, it granted her a life of sovereignty? 

A life in which she would not be subject to the will of another, because she tasted the sweetness of her own power. 

Its juices dribbled down her chin and gave her a glimpse of ecstasy. 

The ecstasy of being free. 

The ecstasy of full-bodied connection with her own divine essence. 

Jessica is such a powerful woman! I am grateful for her freedom. I am grateful she has chosen to share herself with us! ❤️❤️❤️ 


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Listen to Jessica speak on the Sacred Feminine Power Podcast:

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