Bringing Ancient Wisdom to the Modern World

I am an expert at guiding women to fully reclaim their sacred, sovereign power – which existed before the story of Adam & Eve was written.

In so doing, we can end violence against women, heal unequal power dynamics, and set ourselves free.

Speaking Topics:

Heal the Wounds of Eve

Why Denial of Self is the Root of Violence Against Women

The Truth about Power

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We have been taught to seek love, power, and validation outside ourselves. To radically embody love is to know the truth of who we are. To recognize we are already love, already powerful, already worthy. This requires entering the portal of our cosmic heart. Learn how to live, breathe, and experience this radical love here and now in every aspect of your life.

This podcast is designed to bring you both depth and practical wisdom you can apply to your daily life. It is co-hosted by myself & Nasrin Barbic. Listen here on iTunes, here on Spotify, and here on You Tube.

During an online event during the Lionsgate Portal, I chatted with Desiree Dunbar about the importance of reclaiming the feminine as divine – since for thousands of years, the feminine has been cast in an inferior position.

However, it wasn’t always this way. The story of Inanna – Queen of Heaven & Earth in ancient Sumer – helps us weave ancient feminine wisdom with our modern-day journeys. She teaches us how to see ourselves, hear ourselves, and honor ourselves. A short light language practice brings us into our bodies and activates a cellular knowing of our own divinity. Watch here.

In a podcast with Tessa Tovar of Outside the Studio, we talk about what victim consciousness is and how to move beyond it; the tools of the body, soul and divine feminine; what heart work is; using the ancient myths of the goddess to embody the sovereign being, 3 core fears that keep women in toxic relationships or “false love;” and what the 5 aspects of true love are. Listen here.

In conversation with Emmi Mutale on the podcast Sacred Feminine Power, I share how the man who shamed me for my power, intelligence and sexuality turned out to be my biggest teacher into self love, self acceptance and accessing my full potential. I also narrate the fascinating story of Inanna and draw parallels between Inanna’s journey to the Underworld and my own journey inward, and subsequently my emergence as a strong, independent, sensual woman unafraid to use my voice and my power for the good of all. Listen here.

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Jessica’s teachings are SO powerful!  They leave me buzzing for hours afterwards!  She is full of magical wisdom.

~ Jackie Graves, California

Jessica’s talk was extremely empowering and thought-provoking!  She is truly an inspiring speaker, on top of having an amazing message.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.

~ Valerie Welbourn, NC

Jessica is so inspiring, empowering, compassionate, wise, feisty, warm, knowledgeable and so much more.

~ Cheryl Garon, Ireland

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