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Reclaim your power from all outside sources and bring it back to where it belongs: inside of you.

When you understand “why” you keep repeating the same old patterns, you begin to set yourself free.  It’s like digging out the root of a weed rather than simply trying to cut it back.  One offers only temporary results; the other is permanent. 

I guide you to heal the wounds of the feminine – which include patterns of silencing yourself, feeling invisible, putting others first, unable to speak on your own behalf or know what you truly want. 

* You connect to the wisdom of your body.

* You trust your feelings, needs, and desires.

* You use your voice to ask for what you want.

* You feel safe being seen.

* You overflow with love of Self and other.

* You fully possess every part of who you are.

You become your own authority. You decide for you.

Relationship patterns can’t help but shift when you know you are worthy of being seen, heard, and honored for who you are – not who others want you to be.

When you reclaim your sovereignty, you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom.

This is what I want every woman on this planet to experience: Freedom.  Power.  Sovereignty.

As we work together, you will:

* Access the depths of your subconscious mind, which controls 95% of your behavior

* Become intimate with the wisdom of your body

* Release stored, stagnant emotions so your life force energy flows freely through you

* Heal karmic imprints and soul trauma from this or other lifetimes

* Reprogram your thoughts and beliefs to align with the truth of who you are

* Connect to and hear the inner voice of your soul

Meeting Jessica was an unexpected blessing that arrived in my life, and I am forever grateful. She is very intentional, experienced, caring, and has the most love to give and the biggest heart of any woman I have ever met. She creates a safe space for you to express whatever feelings arise during a session and works on addressing those feelings in a way that is valuable and beneficial. I am on a path of transformation because of the work I have done with her. You couldn’t ask for a guide with more heart, generosity, and expertise than Jessica provides. Thank you, Jessica, for being a light in my life!


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If you are new to this work, I invite you to check out:

Connect to the Voice of your Womb

This is a potent 22-day Activation so you drop deeply into your womb space – the seat of your power – to hear its silent whispers, secret longings, and deep desires for your soul. Available now.

Majestic Woman

A 6-week journey to own your majesty so you experience true freedom in your relationships. You will anchor into the wisdom of your body, overflow with love of Self and other, speak the truth of your heart, honor your boundaries, and feel safe being seen. We begin March 29, 2023.

Online Portal Yoga

In weekly online Portal Yoga classes, we begin by grounding into the body so you move from your core – not from your mind. You will be transported into the inner cave of your body using slow, intentional movement and concentrated breath. As you direct your awareness within, space opens up. Stagnant energy begins to move. Stored emotions rise to the surface. Available now.

If you are ready to dive deep and go all in, explore:

Embody your Divinity

Radically embrace your raw, wild, sacred power, unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity, and fearlessly speak the truth of your heart because you know you are holy. You are fully anchored into your body, fully resourced by Gaia, fully surrendered to soul. In this portal, you will reclaim the holiness of your body, voice, and sexuality – historically denied women precisely because of the power they hold. We begin September 22, 2023.

Activate your Sacred Power

You desire to know yourself and your power more deeply than ever. No longer will you tolerate any form of self-sacrifice, self-denial, or self-doubt. It is time to release the chains of invisibility, the shackles of guilt, and remove the blinders to your true majesty. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for women, you will open your eyes fully to your divinity as you radically embrace and accept every single aspect of who you are in sacred inner union. Available now.

Activate Codes of Courage

It is time to let go of false forms of power and identity to reclaim your true power. To release the burdens of shame, guilt, and unworthiness. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for men, you will allow the energy of your divinity to flow down through your throat into your body. Dissolve the armor and heal any wounds as you come into sacred inner union with yourself. Available now.

If you’re unsure whether to join a group or receive individually tailored guidance in 1:1 sessions, schedule a free 30-minute Soul Freedom Breakthrough Session here.

About Me:

After leaving the legal profession in 2013, I was catapulted into an 8-year initiation into ancient feminine mysteries.  It required me to shed layer after layer of false conditioning, karmic agreements, and wounded forms of power.  During this time, I began studying ancient civilizations, religious history, and mythology to create a historical and cultural context for what I was experiencing.  This culminated in the writing of my book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess (TBP 2023). 

My soul is devoted to reclamation of the divine feminine through the union of body and soul, our humanity with our divinity, and ultimately heaven and earth.  The goddess lives, moves, and speaks through me. I transmit light and sound while holding a space of deep nourishment and safety so my clients feel fully seen as they remember and activate the codes of power that live within them.

My training includes everything from somatic and emotional intelligence to nervous system resilience, empathy, authentic communication, trauma-informed yoga, Egyptian tantra, and shamanism – not to mention whole-body healing, herbalism, and deep initiations and teachings from the goddess herself.  You can learn more about the specific path I have walked here.

The Path to Sovereignty You Tube Channel

Check out my You Tube Channel here to learn more about topics related to soul, the divine feminine, our true power, and sacred relationships.

The Radically Embody Love Podcast

Watch the Radically Embody Love Podcast with myself and co-host Nasrin Barbic on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or YouTube to learn more about my philosophy.


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