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Those who work with me know they are not meant to live small, caged lives.

They refuse to accept states of victimhood, helplessness, or powerlessness.

They know there is much more to the world than meets the eye.

They yearn to embrace their fierce, raw, wild power.

They long to know inner union by surrendering into radical love.

They are willing to venture into the dark for the medicine it holds.

They crave ecstatic soul freedom more than anything else, and they are absolutely devoted to their own liberation.

There are three main ways to work with me:

Embody your Divinity 9-month Group Program for Women

Radically embrace your raw, wild, sacred power, unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity, and fearlessly speak the truth of your heart because you know you are holy. You are fully anchored into your body, fully resourced by Gaia, fully surrendered to soul. In this portal, you will reclaim the holiness of your body, voice, and sexuality – historically denied women precisely because of the power they hold.

Activate Sacred Feminine Power: Become Queen of your own Domain

You desire to know yourself and your power more deeply than ever. No longer will you tolerate any form of self-sacrifice, self-denial, or self-doubt. It is time to release the chains of invisibility, the shackles of guilt, and remove the blinders to your true majesty. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for women, you will open your eyes fully to your own sacred power as you radically embrace and accept every single aspect of who you are.

Activate Codes of Courage: Become King of your own Domain

It is time to let go of false forms of power and identity. To release the burdens of shame, guilt, and unworthiness. In this 6-month 1:1 Initiation for men, you will allow the energy of your divinity to flow down through your throat into your body so your inner masculine meets your inner feminine in a dance of sacred wholeness. Heal any wounds you have experienced with the feminine as you come into union with yourself.

Our work together is both practical and magical.

I work with the medicine of the dark goddess, for what has been ignored and repressed seeks the light. Old wounds will be transmuted. You cannot think your way into freedom. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations you recite over and over. To truly experience freedom in every aspect of your life, to taste it, to smell it, you must embody it. We will entrain your cells to vibrate at the frequency of divine love.

Our work together is both practical and magical.

My role is to help you see that which you haven’t seen before so you can open your eyes fully.

One by one, you will pull your power back from any outside sources so it returns to where it belongs: inside of you.  

I am here to offer you the forbidden fruit so you remember your own god-nature and release the fear of punishment, banish the cords of shame and guilt, and therefore have no need to point the finger in blame.  Instead, you can claim your space in the garden of paradise:  Heaven on Earth.

Do what has been forbidden. Take the fruit of self-knowledge and wisdom. It is the key to freedom.

Without it, we stay chained to old beliefs, family patterns, and limiting habits.  I will continuously tempt you to taste the fruit of your own desires, to expand more than you ever thought possible, and to know what it’s like to:

Plant your feet firmly on the ground

Deeply in touch with the holiness that resides within and around you

Heart wide open

With eyes that truly see.

Book a 15-minute consultation with me here.  Let’s get to know each other a little and ensure I’m the perfect guide for your inner journey of reclamation and remembrance.  Don’t worry.  There’s not an iota of sales pressure.  This is about you choosing for you.  I can guarantee you will walk away with at least one thing you can do to step more fully into your power after our conversation.

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I want you to experience ecstatic soul freedom. To remove the blinders. To fully open your eyes. This free Activation – at just under 20 minutes – will guide you to drop into your body, root into your innate connection with all things, and open the portal of your heart.

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