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You desire to know yourself – who YOU really are. The you underneath the layers, the titles, the roles. You beneath the expectations, demands and shoulds.

Something inside of you is rumbling, demanding to be heard. It will no longer be tamed or cast aside. You will not stay hidden.

It is the call of the goddess beckoning you to remember the wisdom in your bones. The fire in your belly. The song in your heart.

She wants you back, for you have been separated from her for far too long.

Fear got in the way. Now, it’s time to return to your feminine roots.

Reclaim your voice. Your body. Your Sexuality.

Stop denying the immense power that lies within you, which can be taken by no one and no thing.

It is yours.

Yours to be felt, owned and claimed.

There is a reason you silence yourself, desire approval and love, and focus on making others happy at your own expense.

Women have been denied the right to a Self. We have literally been told for thousands of years that we belong to someone else (a father or husband). It happened over 5,000 years ago when the soul of woman was no longer recognized as divine.

As women were turned into property, they were no longer allowed to choose for themselves. They faced punishment if they “disobeyed.” Their role was to submit, serve and silence themselves. Men blamed women for tempting them to sway from their devotion to spirit, for it was believed the spirit and body were separate.

Even though women have regained substantial rights (it wasn’t always this way!), these beliefs are deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche. They affect our subconscious patterns and habits in relationships like:

* Fearing conflict or not wanting to “upset” someone

* Agreeing for the sake of being “nice” or appeasing

* Taking responsibility for how someone else feels

* Seeking approval or validation

* Wanting to be wanted

* Relying on another for financial security

* Letting others choose for you

* Not asking for what you want or need

* Giving all of your energy to taking care of everyone and everything else

As women, it is especially important that we learn to see ourselves through our own eyes, not through the eyes of others. We stand in our power by embodying our divinity here and now. This is how we reclaim our ancient sovereignty. My role is to offer you the forbidden fruit of the goddess so you:

Remember your divine essence, reconnect with the earth, and reunite with the sacredness of life.

Reclaim your soul from the beliefs, conditioning, and false stories that keep you from accessing your body’s wisdom, speaking your truth, or living your own desires.

Reveal who you are – in all of your glory and radiance – through the power of radical love and self-authority.

Only then can you experience freedom from outside control so you can experience complete and total liberation.

It is essential when doing this work that you create internal safety. The parts of yourself you have denied must feel safe to come out. That requires developing fierce love and compassion for yourself.

I like to say we heal our wounds by dissolving them with love. In our work together, you learn how to have your own back and honor your soul’s truth no matter what.

To stop abandoning yourself. To end the cycle of self-denial. To no longer deny the immensity of your power. To stop rejecting your right to be here – as you are.

This is what I call the Path to Sovereignty.

One by one, we pick out the roots of oppression as you reconnect with the infinite source of your being so you begin to feel safe no matter what. Rejection rolls right off of you when you are anchored in your own value.

This is not about fighting against oppressive forces. The very act of fighting against something gives it power over you. There is no need to fight when you can surrender into a greater power that exists within you.

Let it show you the way out of fear. Let it dissolve the chains that have kept you stuck and immobilized. It will set you free if you are willing to let go of what you have known and open to a deeper truth.

Will you say yes to you?

Let your body answer, not your rational mind.

You may already have been walking this path of return to Self, or perhaps you are just beginning. Either way, this work will deepen you even further into your soul’s truth as you reclaim all aspects of yourself.

We will clear energetic blocks, remove the blinders, and create space to allow the presence of your soul to enter into your body.

While walking this path myself, I took note of the core limiting beliefs and fears that keep women chained and looped in cycles that do not serve. Together, we will confront these beliefs one by one so they can be transformed as you unravel yourself from all that has kept you small and in hiding.

My mind cuts through the ego like a dagger, and my eyes see through the illusion of form. I offer a well of compassionate love to shift you on all levels of your being – mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual – as the knowing of who you truly are deepens into your bones.

I work with the medicine of the dark goddess, for what has been ignored and repressed seeks the light. Old wounds will be transmuted. You cannot think your way into freedom. It doesn’t matter how many affirmations you recite over and over. To truly experience freedom, to taste it, to smell it, to experience it in every level of your life, you must embody it. We will entrain your cells to vibrate at the frequency of divine love.

To choose to take the forbidden fruit – and taste the sweetness of your own power – you must:

* Desire wisdom & self-knowledge

* Desire to reunite fully with your own soul

* Desire to know yourself as worthy only of love

* Desire the kind of joy that only comes from connecting with your own divine essence

* Desire the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom

* Desire to own your boundaries

* Desire to speak your soul’s truth without apology

* Desire to radiate with love and compassion for self & other

* Desire to experience relationships based on shared power, equality & true love

When you feel the desire surge from within, I’m here to guide you home. My programs are designed to help you Radically Reclaim your Self and Unleash your Sovereign Power. Click below for more details.

Activate your Inner Power 6-week Self-Study Program online

This program is designed to help you reclaim your power from external sources and bring it back where it belongs: inside of you. You become your own authority. You choose for you. You know yourself in love. You speak and live your soul’s truth. You take up the space that is yours.

Unleash your Sovereign Power Group Program online

It is time to reconnect with your own divine essence through the holiness of your body, the power of your voice & the sacredness of your sexuality. Remember your ancient sovereignty, reclaim your divinity, and reveal yourself in all your glory without apology.

Radically Reclaim your Self 1:1 private Coaching Program online

You have the power to stop the cycle of self-denial to reunite fully with your Self – your soul – your divinity – here and now. This is your power. It will grant you freedom unlike any other. We will create a sacred portal during 1:1 private sessions as we take a deep dive into you.

What if, when Eve ate the fruit of the tree, it granted her a life of sovereignty? 

A life in which she would not be subject to the will of another, because she tasted the sweetness of her own power. 

Its juices dribbled down her chin and gave her a glimpse of ecstasy. 

The ecstasy of being free. 

The ecstasy of full-bodied connection with her own divine essence. 

The forbidden fruit represents self-knowledge & the wisdom of the goddess.  It has been strictly forbidden to women.  They were not allowed to choose for themselves – belong to themselves – or exist for themselves. 

At the time the infamous story of Adam & Eve was written, a new world order had recently been put in place which denied the divinity of woman.  This created the grounds to make her the “property” of man.  Any disobedience led to her punishment.  Women were forced to submit, serve & silence themselves in order to survive.  Their safety depended on acquiescing to the will of another. 

The denial of a woman’s soul has led to widespread violence against women for thousands of years.  It has also created relationships built on unequal power dynamics regardless of whether emotional or physical abuse is involved. 

Prior to the writing of Adam & Eve, women were sovereign and free.  The goddess was worshipped alongside the god.  The divinity of All Things was recognized & honored.  Life itself was sacred.

It is now time for us to return to the natural sovereign state that existed before these beliefs were instituted.  Unfortunately, they have been deeply embedded in the individual & collective psyche.  Even if we do not consciously believe ourselves to be inferior, the subconscious mind keeps us looped in cycles of self-denial & self-sacrifice.  It is not your fault.  You are not alone.  However, you can pull out the roots of internalized oppression & set yourself free. 

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Each time you choose to say yes to you, magic begins to happen.

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