Embody your Divinity

Women were divine, revered, holy, and free thousands of years ago.  There was a time in which a woman’s sovereignty was recognized.  The goddess was worshipped.  The divine was recognized in All Things.  The elements themselves were honored and revered. Then, what I call the “great shift” occurred.  One male god was put up inContinue reading “Embody your Divinity”

Don’t get lost in the dark

It’s simply not possible to step fully into your sacred, sovereign power without shedding all that is standing in your way. Most of the so-called “blocks” are unconscious – held beneath the level of consciousness. That’s why the word “shadow” is so often used to describe the unconscious. We can’t see it because we aren’tContinue reading “Don’t get lost in the dark”

Enter a Portal of Initiation

I have a gift for you.  It is an overflowing of my heart to yours so you, too, can step fully into your divine feminine power. All the wisdom, teachings, activations, transmissions, practices, and upgrades I received over nearly 10 years during my own initiation into ancient feminine mysteries are bundled together in a newContinue reading “Enter a Portal of Initiation”

Fully Reclaim your Sacred, Sovereign Power

To be sovereign is to be your own authority. To see your Self. To choose for your Self. To belong to your Self. To fully possess every aspect of who you are. This is only possible if you truly know your Self. Otherwise, how can you choose for you? Without self-knowledge, we choose based onContinue reading “Fully Reclaim your Sacred, Sovereign Power”

Free yourself from the old constructs

At the root of what we are experiencing collectively right now – at least in the United States – is a deeply embedded belief that woman exists for the benefit of another – not for herself. Thus, she cannot choose for herself. This very belief is what men have used for thousands of years toContinue reading “Free yourself from the old constructs”