Stop the Cycle of Invisibility: Speak Up

I know what it’s like to silence myself.  To feel invisible in a relationship because I’m too afraid to speak up for myself or share how I feel.  I know what it’s like to feel disconnected at the throat, unable to express myself, or even to connect with my own truth. It was easier toContinue reading “Stop the Cycle of Invisibility: Speak Up”

Honor Your Relationship with You

Your relationship with yourself is the only permanent, lasting relationship you will ever have.  I know, it’s easy to get distracted or pulled in different directions.  Work.  Partners.  Family.  Friends.  We often put them first, or find ourselves compromising our own needs to make them happy.  Why? It seems we are conditioned to believe puttingContinue reading “Honor Your Relationship with You”

Don’t just “Let it Go”

Have you ever been told to just “let something go?”  Maybe it’s something you tell yourself every time you get upset.  In our “feelings make me uncomfortable” society, “let it go” usually means “stuff it down.”  When we do this, the rage simply festers inside.  Why?  Because the feeling is (1) unaccepted, (2) unacknowledged, andContinue reading “Don’t just “Let it Go””

Making yourself a Priority is a Revolutionary Act

I know, it doesn’t make big headlines.  You can’t cross it off a to-do list.  There aren’t always immediate results. So why in the world would you care to spend so much time with yourself? Because despite the silence and stillness it takes, making yourself a priority is a revolutionary act. One that will changeContinue reading “Making yourself a Priority is a Revolutionary Act”

The Ache to be Raw and Real and Free

We’re taught to focus our attention outward, on the world, our family, our careers.  We work hard and struggle to find peace in relationships.  Success may come our way.  We have everything we could want and need.  But something is missing.  Deep down, you know it.  There is more to the world.  Your soul isContinue reading “The Ache to be Raw and Real and Free”

Let me be Lazy

Have you ever been told spending time with yourself is selfish?  Or that meditating is the equivalent of being lazy?  It’s easy to internalize the belief – perpetuated by a success-driven society – that setting aside time for oneself to go within is superfluous, indulgent or even narcissistic.  If it weren’t for this belief, thereContinue reading “Let me be Lazy”