Regain the Power to Confront Conflict

It’s really easy to react to something or someone from a triggered state. When we’re upset, all sorts of neurons start firing in our brain telling us to run, defend, freeze, or fight. There have been many times I’ve caught myself adamantly defending my position to someone, only to wonder mid-sentence: “Why am I doingContinue reading “Regain the Power to Confront Conflict”

Unlock Codes of Power within You

I developed Embody the Sovereign Queen as a potent 9-week container so you can step fully into your power and stop fearing it. This is essential if you want to have the kind of relationships you desire – in which both people are seen, heard, and honored for who they are. Relationships rooted in equality,Continue reading “Unlock Codes of Power within You”

Safety in the Unknown

Collectively, we’re in times of uncertainty. We don’t know what will happen. It can easily create feelings of tension or discomfort. Instinctively, we look outside for something to grasp, to hold onto, so we feel safe. We want the known, the familiar, the comfortable. What if you could source safety from within instead? What ifContinue reading “Safety in the Unknown”

Activate your Sovereignty

When you reclaim your sovereignty, you reconnect to your power, your worth, your choice, your voice, and your sexuality.  You truly honor and value who you are.  No longer do you submit to the will of others or silence yourself to be “nice.”  You’re honest.  Deeply, excruciatingly honest.  You choose what to tolerate or notContinue reading “Activate your Sovereignty”

Return to your Ancient Sovereignty

For thousands of years, women have been forbidden the right to a Self. We’ve been told to give and give until our well runs dry. To sacrifice ourselves in the name of love. To deny who we are. To forego our own desires, needs, and wants to fulfill those of others. To pretend we don’tContinue reading “Return to your Ancient Sovereignty”