Anchor into your Truth

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the external world: *  what other people think *  how they feel *  meeting all the demands and expectations. Your womb keeps you anchored. When you develop a relationship with her – and hear her voice – you don’t get pulled out of yourself by others. You knowContinue reading “Anchor into your Truth”

Express your Inner World to the Outer World

When you speak, your voice is only yours if it comes from deep within your body, your womb, your soul. Otherwise, you’re speaking from your head – which is full of beliefs inherited by others, absorbed social conditioning, and ideas about who you should be. The mind is a powerful tool.  But it is notContinue reading “Express your Inner World to the Outer World”

Let your Womb Speak

Your womb knows all the answers. She holds deep, ancient wisdom. She contains the voice of your soul. Learn how to connect to the voice of your womb. Learn how to distinguish between her voice and the voice of your ego-mind. Learn how to hear the deepest truths that live within you. On Thursday, FebruaryContinue reading “Let your Womb Speak”

Rewrite your Story to Reclaim your Power

Until we begin to delve deeply into our internal world, we simply live the stories that have been told to us by our parents, our ancestors, our culture … These stories shape our perceptions and experiences. For example, we have been told the feminine is weak and inferior. We have been told how we areContinue reading “Rewrite your Story to Reclaim your Power”

Dr. Gertrude Lyons and I sat down on the mot(HER) Podcast to discuss how to heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty. I shared my journey of how I realized and rewired my beliefs to open myself to divine power. We delve into: * Understanding the root of the denial of theContinue reading

Let your Dreams Guide You

When you heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty, it transforms every relationship in your life. You show up differently. You are anchored deeply into the wisdom of your body. You speak the truth of your heart – without apology. You give yourself permission to be all of you. How would thisContinue reading “Let your Dreams Guide You”

Boundaries and Love

Boundaries are hard, especially for those of us who are sensitive, love to make everybody happy, and hate to disappoint. The problem is, we think boundaries are unloving. On a subconscious level, what’s happening is we don’t believe we’re allowed to have a Self – separate from the other person – and that choosing forContinue reading “Boundaries and Love”

Connect to the Voice of your Womb

It is time to remember the ancient voice that lives within you:  the voice of your soul. It rises up from within your body – the cave of your womb – not down from your head. Yet, we have historically been disconnected from this feminine voice, precisely because we have been disconnected from our bodies,Continue reading “Connect to the Voice of your Womb”

10 Common Symptoms of Disconnection from your Soul’s Truth

Below are 10 common symptoms I’ve seen show up in clients from around the world and in myself that reflect disconnection from the deep, raw truth and power of your soul. As you read them, I recommend simply acknowledging what feels true or resonant for you without judging it as good or bad. When weContinue reading “10 Common Symptoms of Disconnection from your Soul’s Truth”