How to Overcome Judgment

It’s okay to feel how you feel. Your feeling is not who you are. It does not define you. Rather, feelings help us to understand our own experience. When we look at them, and spend time receiving their guidance, we learn the thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and fears at their root. Once we get to the belief that exists at the root of a feeling, we have the power to change the feeling it creates.

A particular judgment I faced for many years was based on my decision to leave a successful career. Others called me “lazy” or “irresponsible.” It made me “less than” in their eyes because no longer was I following the path they wanted for me. Mostly, because they were caught up in the social conditioning that defines “success” based on external achievement.

This kind of “success” can often come at the expense of internal satisfaction, but that is overlooked. Our internal world is not considered as worthy of our attention. Quite frankly, it’s because it leads to contentment and less “wanting.” Our identity becomes wrapped up in what we do, not how we feel.

My lack of worldly success thus made me “less worthy” in their eyes. Less valuable because I wasn’t producing so much. I had chosen my soul over the world.

We’re not really “supposed” to do that. A lot of people couldn’t understand. “Why aren’t you working 40+ hours a week?” “Why aren’t you staying busy?” “How can you be so happy?”

I was “supposed” to suffer. To play along with the rules. To do something others wanted me to do just because it’s “the way things are.”

For years, I felt defeated and outcast by the judgment I received. It hurt. I didn’t feel accepted. I wanted them to see me — my soul — and know I still mattered no matter what. Sometimes the spoken judgment was so strong I went home and cried for hours. Had I made a mistake? Did I do something wrong? Were they right?

Over time, it began to dawn on me: I was accepting their judgment and letting it penetrate me because I was still judging me.

Internally, I was still battling my own internalized belief system which makes some people worthy and others unworthy. My fear of their judgment existed because I had not accepted me as worthy — as good enough — as mattering — no matter what.

Had I fully followed the feelings through to the underlying belief earlier in my journey, instead of turning away from them because they weren’t “good” feelings, then I would have uncovered this earlier. Once we see a belief, like, “I am not worthy unless…” then we can begin to work with it more consciously.

Armed with this knowledge, I could start to offer myself more compassion and less judgment. I could replace the belief every time it arose. I could give myself the love I really needed instead of accepting their judgment. This is the power we each have to choose what to let in and what to keep out so that we remain sovereign and free.

Perhaps you feel an inner impulse to let go of all you have ever known.  To stop the familiar patterns with which you have lived your life.  To release old ways of being.  To unlock the shackles that have kept you small or in hiding. This is why I now offer private sessions called Portals of Transformation to those who are ready to say “Yes!” to their heart’s desires.  You don’t have to know how, nor is it necessary to do the work alone.  My job is to help support you every step of the way.  This will help bring about the change you seek more quickly.

We will use energetic activations, transmissions, and intuitive guidance to help you unlock your true potential on all levels of mind-body-soul. To schedule a free 20-minute connection call, click here.

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Published by Jessica

Jessica Falcon is devoted to helping you heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. A former lawyer turned mystic, she is an International Soul Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and forthcoming Author of The Power of Eve: Heal the Wounds of the Feminine and Reclaim your Sovereignty. It gets to the root of violence against women so women can fully own who they are and reconnect to the power of their body, voice, and sexuality. Doing so is the key to experiencing freedom in all of your relationships. You can learn more about her Portals of Transformation & Activations at

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