What do You Want?

Sovereignty is rooted in deep self-knowledge. This knowledge creates the ability to consciously choose for ourselves, which is true freedom.

Only with awareness can we decide: Do I continue thinking this thought? Do I keep this belief? Is it mine? Do I want it? If not, what do I want to believe?

We begin to replace the beliefs we have inherited with the ones we choose. For example, I was conditioned to believe I couldn’t have what I wanted. It wasn’t “possible.” It was “selfish” or “unloving.” It put a “burden” on others. It has taken years to uncover this belief, which was — unknowingly — limiting my freedom. Even in relationships, I focused on what the other wanted, not what I wanted.

It helps to ask ourselves the question regularly, “What do I want?” Is this feeling – thought – job – relationship – city – home – belief what I want? It’s okay if it’s not. We don’t have to feel guilty for thinking of ourselves (very old programming).

If we do not choose for ourselves, who is choosing for us?

The answer? Another person, society, culture. This can be felt through expectations we feel obligated to fulfill, or demands on our time we call our “duty,” or when we think we must do something for someone. There is a very big difference in acting out of obligation and acting from a place of loving choice. Not only does it get rid of resentment and bitterness, everyone around us can feel it too.

When we act on autopilot, we act according to someone else’s will and not our own. It’s somewhat radical to think we can consciously choose otherwise, but we can. It requires being fully present. It requires inhabiting your body. It requires self-acceptance.

If we are not in choice, then we are giving away our power. We allow the belief – person – culture to dictate our behavior instead of being our own authority.

The only way we can consciously choose for ourselves is to know ourselves. Know our own thoughts so no one can tell us what to think. Know our own feelings so no one can tell us what to feel. Know the true essence of who we are: the part of us that lives in our heart. The part of us that witnesses us having our own experience. The untouchable part of our soul that exists beyond time and space. The part of us that need not do anything to be worthy.

When we know this part, nothing and no one can ever tell us otherwise. We know who we are. We know — through the wisdom of our hearts — that we have a right to be here. That we matter. That we exist unto and for ourselves. No one, and nothing, can ever take this away from us.

It is up to us to remember how free we already are and lift ourselves out of the rubble of beliefs that tell us differently.

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Published by Jessica

Jessica Falcon is devoted to helping you heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. A former lawyer turned mystic, she is an International Soul Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and forthcoming Author of The Power of Eve: Heal the Wounds of the Feminine and Reclaim your Sovereignty. It gets to the root of violence against women so women can fully own who they are and reconnect to the power of their body, voice, and sexuality. Doing so is the key to experiencing freedom in all of your relationships. You can learn more about her Portals of Transformation & Activations at www.ThePathtoSovereignty.com.

One thought on “What do You Want?

  1. This contains so much helpful information! I’m placing this as priority for my growth! Thank you dear Jessica!


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