Activate your Sovereignty

When you reclaim your sovereignty, you reconnect to your power, your worth, your choice, your voice, and your sexuality. 

You truly honor and value who you are.  No longer do you submit to the will of others or silence yourself to be “nice.”  You’re honest.  Deeply, excruciatingly honest.  You choose what to tolerate or not tolerate in relationships. 

You clearly and compassionately state your needs or express your feelings.  Not in opposition to anyone – because there’s nothing to fear – but for yourself.  Because you know you have the right to exist – to take up space – to be fully here as you are. 

It is knowing – on every level of your being, deep down into your bones, and in every single cell – that you are worthy of being seen.  

This is soul freedom.

This is true power.

This is sovereignty.  

I’m excited to offer a new free gift: A daily activation of your sovereignty. It’s only 6 minutes long so it can easily fit into your daily routine (ideally in the morning!).  Sign up here or below, and it will be delivered straight to your inbox.

In this spoken activation to Activate your Sovereignty, simply repeat the words after me from your heart. FEEL them to be true. Allow the energy of the words to sink into your body.

I recommend doing the spoken activation for at least 3, 7, or 13 consecutive days to anchor the reclamation into your body-mind. The longer, the better.

Mark your calendars for a free online 3-day event to Break the Eve Codes: Experience Soul Freedom in Relationships.  We’ll begin on Monday, April 11, at 5:30 p.m. EDT for an hour.  You will: 

*  Learn what the Eve Codes are
*  Discover how they show up in relationships
*  Remember your ancient roots 

If you can join live, grab your seat here to get the zoom link.

With all my love,
Jessica Falcon

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Published by Jessica

A former lawyer turned mystic, I guide you to fully see yourself, embody your power & reclaim your voice so you break the chains of invisibility & experience ecstatic soul freedom. As a soul embodiment coach and energetic activator, I have developed what I call the Eve Codes, which are a set of beliefs established over 3,000 years ago that block us from our true power. When we understand the ways we have internalized oppression, we can pull it out by the roots, remove the blinders, and reclaim our ancient sovereignty.

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