Remember your Ancient Roots

The most revered deity in ancient Sumer – over 5,000 years ago – was a woman.

A woman.

We’re not taught this in history class.


Because we’re told from a very young age that men are somehow closer to the divine.  There are two different creation stories in Genesis, the book of the Hebrew Bible, later incorporated into the Old Testament. 

In the first, man and woman were made at the same time.  They were equals and thus equally worthy of love, equally worthy of being seen, and equally worthy of being heard.

In Jewish mythology, this first woman was named Lilith.  Adam decided he didn’t want to rule with her; he wanted to rule over her.  Lilith, knowing her divine status, asked to be on top at least half the time (yes, sexually – without a single ounce of guilt).  Adam refused, so Lilith spread her wings and flew up, up and away.  

She was demonized for daring to claim her power, her sovereignty, her freedom (if you’re like me, you know this all too well).

Adam then took Eve as his second wife.  In this second creation story, we’re told Adam was made of god.  Woman was made of man, for man.  Thus, she belonged to him and did not exist for her Self.

This story was written over a period of 400 years before it was incorporated into the Hebrew Bible in 586 B.C.  At the time, extreme violence and warfare was being used to institute a “new world order” in which women were no longer allowed to serve in the temples, own property, or earn money.  They went from being sovereign and free – serving as priestesses – to slaves and prostitutes who existed for the benefit of men. 

This memory continues to run deep in our subconscious minds.  It shows up as fear, doubt, guilt, shame, and feelings of unworthiness. 

The story of Genesis was written to serve as a warning to all women: 

*  Do not trust yourself or your desires 
*  Dare not defy the command of those who have authority over you, lest you be subject to extreme punishment
*  No longer can you worship the goddess – the feminine is not divine 
*  Your body and your sexuality are shameful 
*  You can be cast out of love
*  You have no right to exist for your Self 
*  The voice of woman must be silenced 
*  Women must submit to the rule of their husbands/fathers 
*  It’s the woman’s fault – for she is to blame for man’s actions – and her very presence brings him down into the world of temptation, for he cannot control himself 

Here’s the thing.  It was not always this way.  This is good news.  It means these beliefs – which have been deeply embedded into the individual and collective psyche – are just beliefs.  Beliefs written by men at a point in history when their intention was to control women because they no longer recognized her soul.  

When we remember the stories of the women who came before us – those who were powerfully fierce, who stood tall in all their glory and all their radiance without apology – we begin to reclaim our own right to exist for ourselves.  

They teach us how to:

*  Embody our divinity
*  Release shame and come into deep connection with our bodies
*  Use our voice as a powerful tool of creation
*  Open to our creative, vital, sexual life force energy 
*  Experience the sacredness our desires and open to receive pleasure 
*  Deepen into the power of our wombs 
*  Hear our soul’s voice and speak the truth of our hearts without fear of rejection
*  Engage in sacred lovemaking for the mutual benefit of both people 
*  Stand fully in our power as free, sovereign women

I work primarily with the wisdom teachings & practices from 

*  Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven & Earth. 
*  Isis, the goddess of 10,000 names from ancient Egypt. 
*  Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam. 
*  Mary Magdalene, keeper of the womb mysteries

Their medicine is like sweet nectar for the soul.  Join me during the 3-day live online event Break the Eve Codes: Experience Soul Freedom to begin the process of remembering your ancient roots so you can unfold into the truest essence of who you are.  Register for free here.

With all my love,
Jessica Falcon

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Published by Jessica

Jessica Falcon is devoted to helping you heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. A former lawyer turned mystic, she is an International Soul Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and forthcoming Author of The Power of Eve: Heal the Wounds of the Feminine and Reclaim your Sovereignty. It gets to the root of violence against women so women can fully own who they are and reconnect to the power of their body, voice, and sexuality. Doing so is the key to experiencing freedom in all of your relationships. You can learn more about her Portals of Transformation & Activations at

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