Unlock the Power of Feeling

We have been taught to equate power with strength. The kind of “strength” that has no “weakness.” Is formidable. Doesn’t feel. Or care. This kind of “power” has led us into war after war. It requires our hearts to close as the divide between self and other widens.

This kind of power is killing us. It separates us not only from those around us, but ourselves. The more I closed my own heart as a criminal prosecutor – because feelings and compassion were deemed a weakness – the more inner torment I experienced. I find it ironic, actually. To ignore and deny something gives it power over you.

To face a feeling – and look it square in the eye no matter how much it scares you – is true strength. To let it move through your awareness as it shows you your fears, or the grief you’ve been holding onto, or the beliefs that keep you banging your head against a wall.

Be willing to see. To explore. To ask curious questions. “Why are you here? Tell me what you want me to know,” I often say to the feelings that course through me. I investigate recurring feelings because feelings lead us to thoughts. Thoughts lead us to beliefs. They are like guideposts on our path to self-knowledge. A compass that directs us to a deeper truth.

Feelings can also be the heart talking. The heart feels. I always used to pretend nothing bothered me. I “didn’t care.” Everything was “okay” no matter how much it hurt. It felt too embarrassing to let others see my pain. Better to bottle it up and keep it all to myself.

To pretend we don’t care has turned us into an apathetic society that lets atrocities happen right before us – and we simply hang our heads and divert our eyes.

Sometimes, I want to scream. Roar at the injustice, the control, the manipulation that exists in our world. Feeling it is part of our individual and collective healing process. Ignoring it gives it power to continue unabated.

I’m not even talking about marching on the streets, unless that’s what you are called to do. I’m referring to what may begin as a silent revolution in your own living room when you wake up to the immense power that lies within you. As you open your heart to its unending well of love.

Move this love through every part of your body. When there is resistance, love it more. Love the grief. Love the pain. Love the loneliness. Offer love to your most tender places. Hold yourself. Honor your own experience.

Touch the truth of your soul. Let it speak to you through its silent whisper. Act according to this inner authority, not what you are told. Know your actions affect others, so choose wisely what to say, where to go, whom to support with your money.

When you know yourself fully, you cannot be controlled. When you pay attention to your body’s senses and hone your discernment, you cannot be manipulated. When you fully possess yourself, you belong to no one else.

You are free. Free to feel the joy, the love, the ecstasy that lives within you at all times, no matter what. It spreads and touches those you meet. Your eyes recognize their own capacity to feel the same. Isn’t this true power?

I’m gathering a group of women devoted to embodying their own power so they know the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. If this is you, join us to Unleash your Sovereign Power. We begin in February 2022. Learn more here or schedule a free session with me here to begin the conversation.

It’s time to revolutionize the way we love.


Jessica Falcon

P.S. This week I’m leading a live online event to Activate your Feminine Power. We began Tuesday, Jan. 4 and finish today, Jan. 6. If you want to join us live tonight via Zoom, or get access to the replay for one week, enter your email address here. To get blogs, tips and support on your path to sovereignty delivered straight to your inbox, sign up below.

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Published by Jessica

A former lawyer turned mystic, I offer you the forbidden fruit so you radically embody your divinity to experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. As a soul embodiment coach & activator, I take you on an initiatory journey to embrace and accept every single part of who you are so you take the throne and become queen or king of your own domain. 1:1 sessions to Activate your Sacred Power for women or to Activate Codes of Courage for men and a group program to Embody your Divinity: Reclaim the Holiness of your Body, Voice & Sexuality are available. But only if you are completely and utterly devoted to soul freedom. :)

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