Your Journey Begins Now

Three embodied, soulful workshops are available online or in person. Each is designed to guide women who are ready to unravel themselves from the beliefs that have stripped away their divinity.

Let us gather, across time and space, to reclaim what we have lost.

Are you ready to spread your wings and fly?

Reclaim Your Body as Holy

Your body is a portal to the divine. Learn how to access the energy that lies between the contours of your skin.

Reclaim Your Sexuality as Your Own

The body of a woman has been used for far too long. As we reunite our body with our soul, it can no longer be taken.

Reclaim Your Voice as Your Power

When we were told to remain silent, we stopped hearing our own inner voice. Access it once again and roar loudly.

Why the rose?

As an ancient symbol of love, the rose has been prized for its beauty and sumptuous fragrance. Its thorns symbolize the boundaries we need as an integral part of self-love.

We deserve to be treated with care. Otherwise, we might prick those who mishandle us, making it clear where they end and we begin. Because we are sovereign. We exist unto ourselves. We know what we need, how we feel and our own desires – even if they are different from those around us.

The rose is unafraid and unapologetic about unfolding the truth of who she is.

In each workshop, we:

Drop down and into our body to access our own innate wisdom
Confront the beliefs – conscious and unconscious – that limit the ability to choose freely for ourselves
Create inner alignment between all aspects of ourselves
Bow to the divinity within our very own being – the same divinity that permeates through all of life
Connect with the earth as a source of grounding, support and nourishment as we walk our Path
Allow the joy that we are to flow through us effortlessly

The practices and teachings are founded on the philosophy:

֍ Our bodies are miraculous, intelligent organisms capable of healing themselves.

֍ We feel true joy when we connect to and live our own truth.

֍ Laughter is the best medicine.  Be prepared to giggle.

֍ Healing is the journey of our soul.  It takes time to unravel ourselves from the trauma, pain and dissociation we have experienced.  There are no overnight fixes, but there is spontaneous revelation.

֍ Everything we experience in life is part of our path.  Everything.  The more we deny any aspect of our reality, the more we deny our own power to face it head-on. 

֍ We can do all the inner work in the world, but if we don’t face our thoughts – and the beliefs that shape them – we will continue to feel limited and stuck.  We are capable of rewiring our brains to work in harmony with our true nature, not against it.

֍ When we cast anything outside of god or source or the divine – or whatever you want to call it – we cast ourselves out.  Absolutely everything is permeated by boundless love.  It is our choice to recognize it or turn a blind eye.

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