9-month group Portal of Initiation to:

Embody your Divinity:

Reclaim the Power of your Body, Voice, and Sexuality

We will begin September 22, 2023
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Imagine what it will feel like when you source love, safety, and belonging from within so you:

* Fully embrace your raw, wild, sacred power

* Unapologetically shine the radiant light of your divinity

* Fearlessly speak the truth of your heart

because you know you are sacred, whole, and holy.

You are fully anchored into your body, fully resourced by Gaia, fully surrendered to soul. You know your body is an infinite well of wisdom.

As you develop an intimate relationship with your inner world, you hear the truth of your soul.  You fully unite with every aspect of who you are.

No longer encumbered by doubt, you trust yourself.  You trust your desires.  You trust your intuitive knowing as boundaries naturally emerge from this rooted sense of Self. 

You know you are fully worthy of taking up space.  You choose for you.  There is no need to prove anything to anyone.

Released from guilt and shame, you allow yourself to be seen for who you truly are.  No more trying to please, submit, or make others happy at your own expense. 

You draw your power back from all outside sources and return it to where it belongs: inside of you. 

You are your own authority. Fully you, fully free, fully sovereign.

Sacred woman, I invite you into this 9-month Portal of Initiation rooted in ancient feminine wisdom so you reunite with your own goddess nature here in form

The Portal is for you if:

* You desire to know yourself and your power more deeply than ever

* You long to feel safe being seen for who you really are – beneath all the roles, conditioning, and expectations thrust upon you

* You are ready to unleash your primal, sensual nature and fully claim your space, your worth, and your choice

This requires releasing the chains of invisibility.

It demands that you unravel yourself from all the old stories, the inherited beliefs, and the ancestral patterns that shut down your life force, that have kept you small, invisible, in hiding, afraid to shine your light, afraid to be big, afraid to be seen.

For millennia, it has not been safe for a woman to be visible, especially a woman in her power. 

* You will create deep levels of internal safety and trust in self as you root into the support of Gaia and release primal fear from your

* You will dig out the roots of these old wounds and belief systems from your subconscious mind so you are no longer controlled by them

The body, voice, and sexuality were deemed unholy precisely because they are so powerful and, thus, they were greatly feared.  

Jessica channels through the frequency of the heart and offers light to the most shadowed places within the mind, body, and spirit. Her guidance is warm, embodied, and fertile. Her purity is deep medicine, and she transmutes energy by merely standing in the vibration of grace and honor.

Cole Lopez, founder of House of Magick NY

Reclaim your Body as Holy

It is time to know your body as sacred. It is a portal to the divine, a holy temple of your soul. Yet, to access it, you must dissolve the millennia of shame blinding your vision so your eyes can be fully opened. Let your body become your compass so you live according to your soul’s truth.

Reclaim your Voice as Holy

Speak the truth of your heart, of your womb, and bring your inner world to light so you can be seen for who you really are – not for who others want you to be. Your voice makes you visible, but its true power can only be accessed when you shed the belief you do not matter, when you stop taking on responsibility for everyone else, release the burden of guilt, and place yourself equal to others.

Reclaim your Sexuality as Holy

Connect to your radiant, sensual life force energy, which is sourced by your connection to life, your womb, and your heart. “Sex” was turned into an “act” for the benefit of another when the heart and womb were separated, when life was no longer considered sacred, when a great split occurred between heaven and earth, masculine and feminine, matter and spirit.

The goddess herself was buried underground, but she is still here, and she wants to be remembered.

She wants to rise within you so you rise.

You will enter a Portal of Initiation rooted in ancient feminine wisdom so you can embody your divinity while here on earth.

The body, voice, and sexuality were revered as sacred thousands of years ago. This is a return to the ancient sovereignty that existed on this planet before women were cast out and deemed inferior.

The Portal of Initiation will begin in September 2023.

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The Portal of Initiation will be intuitively led, as it is specifically tailored to the energy of the individuals within the group.  However, the overall foundation of each module is expressed below.  This is intentionally designed as a progression, as each section takes you deeper and deeper. 

Reclaim your Body as Holy: Become Queen of your own Domain

The Queen of her own Domain is unapologetic about who she is. Fully united with every aspect of herself, she embraces her needs, feelings & desires with fierce, compassionate love. She is her own authority for she owns her own soul and knows she belongs to herself.

Week 1: Your Body is a Portal
Week 2:  Enter your Holy Temple
Week 3:  Open the Lines of Communication
Week 4:  Integration & Practice
Week 5:  Anchor into your Self
Week 6:  Cast off the Cloak of Shame
Week 7:  Trust your Body as a Compass
Week 8:  Integration & Practice
Week 9:  Activate your Womb Power
Week 10:  Sacred Pleasure
Week 11:  Become Queen of your own Domain
Week 12:  Integration & Ritual

Reclaim your Voice as Holy: Become the Creatrix

The Creatrix makes herself fully visible through the power of the spoken word. Anchored fully in her right to be here & the divinity of her own soul, she has no fear of being seen. Her compassionate boundaries honor both self & other.

Week 1: Release the Chains of Invisibility
Week 2: Feel Safe being Seen
Week 3: Take up Space
Week 4: Integration & Ritual
Week 5: Cast off the Burdens of Guilt
Week 6: Own your Yes, Own your No
Week 7: Stop the Cycle of Blame
Week 8: Integration & Practice
Week 9: Grieve the Wounds of Invisibility
Week 10: Root into Trust
Week 11: Open your Throat to Be the Creatrix
Week 12: Integration & Ritual

Reclaim your Sexuality as Holy: Become the Holy Whore

You will shake off and release the beliefs, shame, guilt, and lifetimes of trauma that denied you pleasure, damned your desire, and separated you from your true sexual power as a woman: sexuality rooted in your divinity.  You will reunite with your own magnetic, abundant life force and the creation grid of Gaia. In so doing, you become the holy whore: a woman who exists fully unto herself who unabashedly proclaims her sacred desires.

Week 1: Own your Sexual Power
Week 2: Reunite with the Womb of Gaia
Week 3: Unleash your Wild Woman
Week 4: Integration & Ritual
Week 5: Loudly Proclaim your Desires
Week 6: Shadow of the Seductress
Week 7: Cauldron of Sacred Rage
Week 8: Integration & Ritual
Week 9: Dance of Sacred Inner Union
Week 10: Open to Receive
Week 11: Embody the Holy Whore
Week 12: Closing Ceremony

Jessica has a gentle way of guiding you through meditative practices, helping you to drop down into your core and open up the gateway to your own truth. While we didn’t work from a psychotherapeutic framework, Jessica helped me heal from a history of sexual assault. It has been such a powerful experience to have Jessica in my life, and I have full trust in her ability to lead others through a reawakening of mind, body, and soul.

Lee Anne

Here’s how I work with you:

* Wisdom Transmissions & Teachings

* Open, clear, and activate energy centers of your body

*  Release emotional stagnation and energetic debris

*  Deep embodiment practices rooted in ancient feminine wisdom

*  Group coaching

*  Guided Inner journeys

*  Sacred rituals

*  Juicy journal prompts

We will work to align all levels of your being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – into one unified, integrated whole. 

The Juicy Details:

You will be held in a sacred container of transformation as you open, receive, and allow yourself to be supported, held, and witnessed. It is a co-creation between me and you, your divinity, and the goddess herself. 

We will meet once a week for three consecutive weeks. During the fourth week, you will receive a ritual, practice, and/or journal prompts to do on your own as you have time to fully integrate our work together. 

Each of our sacred 1:1 private sessions will be held via Zoom for approximately 90 – 120 minutes. You will be given access to the recordings. The exact day and time will be determined by the group participants.

Upon saying yes, you will be invited into an intimate 1-hour private session with me to ensure you get the most of our time together.

Your investment for this powerful reclamation is:

$ 3,700 paid in full or

9 monthly payments of $ 422 or

12 monthly payments of $ 333

Space is limited, so sign up for the waitlist now:

Jessica is a natural guide who knows how to go deeply within. She has a passion for this work which comes from the deep essence of who she is. What sets Jessica apart is that she has literally done this incredibly brave work to shift herself and her life. She gets it, she’s done it, she walks her talk! This comes through in everything she offers to others. I experienced so much unique content, love, and support. It added to the level of comfort I felt in our group, which was cohesive and sacred.


About Me:

After leaving the legal profession in 2013, I was catapulted into an 8-year initiation into ancient feminine mysteries.  It required me to shed layer after layer of false conditioning, karmic agreements, and wounded forms of power.  During this time, I began studying ancient civilizations, religious history, and mythology to create a historical and cultural context for what I was experiencing.  This culminated in the writing of my book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess (TBP 2023). 

My soul is devoted to reclamation of the divine feminine through the union of body and soul, our humanity with our divinity, and ultimately heaven and earth.  The goddess lives, moves, and speaks through me. I transmit light and sound while holding a space of deep nourishment and safety so my clients feel fully seen as they remember and activate the codes of power that live within them.

My training includes everything from somatic and emotional intelligence to nervous system resilience, empathy, authentic communication, trauma-informed yoga, Egyptian tantra, and shamanism – not to mention whole-body healing, herbalism, and deep initiations and teachings from the goddess herself.  You can learn more about the specific path I have walked here.

Jessica is a clear and passionate teacher with her finger on the pulse of what’s true and what is here for us! I am so grateful she brought me closer to my own aliveness.


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