Activate your Inner Power

We’re told our power comes from external sources: a job, a role, a position of authority, having influence or control over others, how successful we are, the way others perceive us.

The problem is all of this is based on external circumstance.

Which means it can be given or taken away by others.

It is temporal.

Even worse, it is a fear-based need to have other people deem you worthy.

I used to have this kind of “power,” and it left me always looking outward for praise, approval, validation.

True power has nothing to do with anything outside of you.

It is the ability to know yourself as worthy no matter what.

How can you begin to know yourself as worthy – especially in a world that relies on us feeling unworthy so it can feed off of us?

(1) Know yourself deeply by accessing your own body’s wisdom, hearing your inner voice, and honoring your own experience.

(2) Become aware of your thoughts and feelings and trace them back to their original belief

(2) So you can choose for yourself what to believe, what to think, and how to feel and become your own authority.

It’s a lifelong process. However, I’m releasing a new 6-week self-study course to Activate your Inner Power to get you started.

This program is designed to deepen your connection to you – the true source of your power – so you begin the path to sovereignty. Over the course of 6 weeks, you will activate:

* The power of your body

* The power to see & hear yourself

* The power of choice

* The power of boundaries

* The power of your voice

* The power of desire

through wisdom teachings, embodiment practices, journal prompts, and mantras.

You will develop tools you can use for years to come. The practices can be done over and over – as many times as you like – to create new pathways, open energetic gateways, and establish a connection to the love that exists within you at your very core – available in every circumstance, in every moment, no matter what.

This is the ultimate power: Radical Love. It requires facing the beliefs and fears that have stopped you from accessing it and surrendering into love over and over until – finally – it becomes who you are.

If you’re reading this before Valentine’s Day, join us for a free Activate your Inner Power Release Party! To sign up and learn more, go here.


Jessica Falcon

P.S. If you prefer more 1:1 support to Radically Reclaim your Self as free – as love – as powerful – then check out private coaching sessions here.

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Published by Jessica

Jessica Falcon is devoted to helping you heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty so you experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. A former lawyer turned mystic, she is an International Soul Embodiment Coach, Speaker, and forthcoming Author of The Power of Eve: Heal the Wounds of the Feminine and Reclaim your Sovereignty. It gets to the root of violence against women so women can fully own who they are and reconnect to the power of their body, voice, and sexuality. Doing so is the key to experiencing freedom in all of your relationships. You can learn more about her Portals of Transformation & Activations at

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