A 6-month 1:1 Initiatory Journey to:

Activate Sacred Feminine Power

Take the throne as Queen of your own Domain

It is time.

Time to fully embrace your raw, sacred, sovereign power unapologetically

as you shine your radiant solar feminine light

fully anchored into your body temple.

This requires:

*  Deep, embodied presence

*  Radical self-acceptance

*  Owning your boundaries with certainty and compassion

*  Speaking the truth of your heart

*  Fully surrendering to love


*  Seeing yourself through your own eyes, not through the eyes of others

*  Rooting into your Self – your right to be here, to take up space, to choose for you

*  Developing an intimate relationship with your body as a portal to the divine

You become your own oracle.

You remember your wild, primal, sensual nature

You loudly proclaim your soul’s desires from the seat of your throne as you become Queen of your own Domain.

During our six months together, you will undergo an ancient rite of initiation, which follows in the footsteps of Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven & Earth, to shake all the old foundations of who you thought you were to reveal who you truly are.

I. The Descent

You will be asked to let go of the external identities and false forms of power to which you have clung, along with the demands, shoulds, and expectations of others thrust upon you. Through the lens of your heart, we will confront the beliefs, patterns, and habits that are preventing you from fully stepping into your power. 

II. The Underworld

You will come face to face with all the parts of yourself you denied, cast out, or deemed unlovable as you release shame, guilt, doubt, blame, fear, and feelings of unworthiness that keep you from fully uniting with your own divine essence.

III. The Resurrection

You will unveil and reveal the truest version of yourself in all of your glory, all of your radiance, and all of your majesty to others so you are fully seen, fully heard, and fully honored for who you are.

This releases the chains of invisibility.

It ends old cycles of self-denial, self-sacrifice, and self-doubt.

There will be no more silencing, serving, or submitting to others at your own expense.

You will shed the burden of taking responsibility for others as the old guilt for not “pleasing” or “making other people happy” fall off your shoulders. 

You will cut cords to unhealthy relationship dynamics and karmic agreements rooted in unequal power dynamics.

No more seeking approval, validation, or permission from others.

Nor will you be able to hide, play small, or pretend to be someone you’re not

because every single part of you is embraced with love

Fierce, compassionate, embodied love

Divine love

as your sexual, creative life force energy is unleashed so you feel the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom because you are completely and radically you

overflowing with love of Self and other

rooted in your innate connection to All Things

fully supported by Gaia

as you remember just how sacred, loved, and cherished you are.

Here is how I work with you:

*  Dialog through coaching

*  Energetic activations, including light language

*  Attunements through the spoken word

*  Guided Inner journeys

*  Embodiment practices

*  Sacred rituals

*  Journal prompts

We will work to align all levels of your being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – into one unified, integrated whole. 

Jessica Falcon is a powerhouse. She’s intuitive, wise and a deep listener. Her meditations, visualizations, and ritual practices move me deeply. They connect me to my own inner voice, as well as the divine feminine collective. I feel fulfilled and fully expressed after time with her, and I keep coming back for more!


The Juicy Details:

You will be held in a sacred container of transformation as you open, receive, and allow yourself to be supported, held, and witnessed. It is a co-creation between me and you, your divinity, and the goddess herself. 

We will meet once a week for three consecutive weeks. During the fourth week, you will receive a ritual, practice, or a coded activation to do on your own.  Each of the 1:1 private sessions will be via Zoom for approximately 75 minutes. 

I require that we meet for a free 30-minute Soul Freedom Breakthrough session before we begin working together to make sure we are the perfect fit.  During this time, we will address the desires percolating within you, as well as answer any questions you may have.  You can decide if you are a full-body “yes” to your soul’s liberation and a radical reclamation of your sacred feminine power.

What do I ask of you? 

Your complete and utter devotion soul freedom.

Working with Jessica is the best investment I have ever made in my life for my personal growth.  A deep ancient wisdom resides within Jessica that shines through her voice, her words, and her channeling!  I have never been so safe and so seen in the way Jessica is able to see me and hold such loving and supportive space.  The way she guides me, how she supports me, and how she feels me is such magic!  Everything is welcomed in her vision.  She hugs all of my feelings and emotions and shows me in a very gentle way what my feelings want to teach me and why they are asking for my attention. 

I highly recommend working with Jessica.  The way she uses light language and the way the Goddess speaks through her shakes my body.  I feel like each cell in my body starts to come alive as I remember who I really am!  I am forever thankful for Jessica for the care with which she supports me in my growth.  She is such a loving woman who shares her wisdom and her knowledge so I can come deeper and deeper into my heart and into my true essence.  Working with her has changed my life.  She holds such power in her heart and in her body – a light keeper!  I love her to the moon. ❤️


About Me:

A former lawyer turned mystic, I left the legal profession in 2013 to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage in Europe. Unbeknownst to me, I was beginning an 8-year initiation into ancient feminine mysteries. I am able to transmit wisdom from my own lived, embodied experience of having walked this path to sovereignty, to reclamation of the feminine, to soul freedom.

My training includes everything from somatic and emotional intelligence to nervous system resilience, empathy, authentic communication, trauma-informed yoga, and shamanism – not to mention whole-body healing, herbalism, and deep initiations and teachings from the goddess herself.  You can learn more about the specific path I have walked here.

Each time you say yes to you, magic begins to happen.

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