Reclaim Your Body as Holy

Reclaim your Body as Holy:

Be Queen of your Own Domain

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Begin to dialog with your body and learn what it needs.

Create a gratitude practice through a process of self-acceptance.

Develop a relationship with your body from the inside out.

In this live, intimate workshop, we will create a safe circle in which you can share and process your experience.  After we ground into the body through simple movement and breath, Jessica will guide you through visualizations and practices to connect deeply with your body.  This will be interactive so you can begin to nourish yourself daily.

Join us Saturday, January 24, 2021

1 – 3:30 p.m. 

LIVE Virtual Workshop on Zoom (link provided upon registration)

About Jessica

Trained as a lawyer, Jessica left her legal career after seven years of practice to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe.  The journey took her deeper within than she ever imagined.  Her body became her compass.  As it spoke to her on the yoga mat, she discovered an innate connection between her body and her beliefs, as well as the power to change them both.

After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, Jessica finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018.  Her recently completed book, Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey.  It is about a woman who frees herself from the belief that she exists for anyone but herself.

Jessica teaches online and in-person classes and workshops to help women reclaim their body, their sexuality and their voice through  She also offers private sessions to those who are ready to unravel the beliefs that keep them small to reveal the truth of who they are, stop apologizing and embrace their raw, radical power. 

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