Embody the Sovereign Queen

Reclaim your Ancient Power so you Experience Soul Freedom in Relationships

This is a potent 9-week LIVE online program for women who are ready to know themselves and their power more deeply than ever.

This program will take you through a process of reclamation and remembrance as you unlock codes of power within you and free your soul from the belief you are not worthy of being seen for who you are.

We will begin in August 2022. Sign up below for the Waitlist to receive a special BONUS.

It’s time to release the chains of invisibility that have been cast upon women for thousands of years when the soul of woman was denied.

You are worthy of being seen.

All of you.

Let the shame and guilt dissolve.

Let the fear crumble to the ground.

Let out the roar that removes the barriers to your deepest truths.

Stop the cycle of self-doubt, self-sacrifice, and self-denial.

Reclaim your right to a Self – to exist for you – because your soul is your own.

It belongs to no one else.

Over the course of 9 weeks together, you will:

See your Self: Release the Chains of Invisibility

Reunite Body & Soul: Open your Wisdom Centers

Access your Soul’s Voice: Let your Womb Speak

Choose for You: Own your Boundaries

Enter the Cauldron of Sacred Rage

Open your Throat: Become Fully Visible

Proclaim your Sacred Desires: Open to Receive

Return to your Erotic Innocence: Surrender

Participate in a Forgiveness & Reclamation Ritual

Through a combination of embodied practices, activations, and transmissions of ancient feminine wisdom, you will begin to Embody the Sovereign Queen so you:

* Know yourself as worthy deep in your bones no matter what another person thinks about you

* Own your boundaries compassionately and unapologetically because you know you are worthy of being seen, heard, and honored.

* Clear energetic and emotional blockages to speaking the truth that lives deep within your body

* Listen to your soul, trust its guidance, and act accordingly all while sourcing love, safety, and belonging from within

* Embrace your sacred desires

* Become radically honest about what you need and how you feel

* Fully possess all aspects of who you are

* Release the need to be “perfect” or have it all “figured out”

* Dissolve shame and guilt

* Give up trying to prove anything to other people, especially how “good,” “nice,” or “loving” you are

* Stop looking for permission, approval, or validation from others. You decide for you. You become your own authority. Any attachments to victimhood, helplessness, or powerlessness slip away.

* Let responsibility for others fall off your shoulders. It is not “your fault.” You are not to blame. There is nothing “wrong” with you.

* Ground into your power, your choice, and your voice.

You will no longer need to seek love from outside yourself or give it at your own expense. Instead, you will place yourself equal to those around you. You will feel safe being seen in your power and allow yourself to radiate the light of who you are for all to see unapologetically.

We will begin in August 2022. Sign up below for the Waitlist to receive a special BONUS.

This is deep soul work that can span across lifetimes, clear ancestral lines, and release karmic agreements by:

* Confronting deeply held inherited beliefs and absorbed social conditioning

* Accessing your soul’s wisdom through your body

* Working with all levels of your being: mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic

* Clearing emotional and energetic blocks to standing in your power

A detailed curriculum for this potent 9-week container:

Week 1 – See your Self: Break the Chains of Invisibility

No one else can see you until you see you through your own eyes – not through the eyes of others. We’ll take a journey into the depths of your being so you see, hear, and honor all parts of you. Release the fear of rejection and abandonment. It’s time to take full ownership of who you are so you fully possess yourself.

Week 2 – Reunite Body and Soul: Open your Wisdom Centers

Your body is a communication device for your soul. Learn how to access the innate wisdom that resides deep within your cells, hone the power of your discernment, enhance your intuition, and enliven your instinctual knowing. Begin to trust what you feel and know to be true as you release the chains of self-doubt.

Week 3 – Access your Soul’s Voice: Let your Womb Speak

The voice that belongs to you does not live in your head. You will reconnect your voice to your womb and align it to the truth of your heart so you truly hear and speak for you. During a guided journey, you will visit the sacred cave of your womb, open to hear its messages, and begin to anchor into your power.

Week of Integration – No session

Week 4 – Choose for You: Own your Boundaries

You get to decide what to tolerate and what not to tolerate. Discover how to create mental, emotional, and energetic boundaries so you become your own authority. This is about taking up the space that is rightfully yours, creating internal emotional safety, and owning your own soul.

Week 5 – Enter the Cauldron of Sacred Rage

It’s nearly impossible to reclaim the full range of your power without confronting the sacred rage of being deemed invisible for thousands of yours, the mistreatment of women, and the objectification of bodies. We will journey into your lower energy centers to face the rage that boils within so it can be transmuted and alchemized into great wisdom, power, and strength.

Week 6 – Open your Throat: Become fully Visible

Allow the guilt to dissipate and roll off your shoulders as you remember that your voice matters because you matter. Let go of the need to please, take care of others at the expense of yourself, or put others first by placing yourself next to them as their equal. Anchor deeply into how worthy you are of being seen as you receive an energetic activation to open your throat.

Week of Integration – No session

Week 7 – Proclaim your Sacred Desires: Open to Receive

As women, it hasn’t been safe to trust our desires or the magic that resides deep within. When you reconnect to this potent source of power, and open to receive pleasure that is your birthright, you will truly begin to expand. It’s time to release the shame and blame that has disconnected you from your soul’s deepest longings. You will open your solar plexus to allow yourself to be seen and begin to trust you are worthy of having what you want.

Week 8 – Return to your Erotic Innocence: Surrender

A woman’s sexual, creative life force was demonized and turned into something that existed for the benefit of man. However, this potent elixir of life belongs to you. Reclaim sovereignty over your womb and your sexuality as you reconnect to the web of life and reunite with the divinity of All Things. Surrender into the embrace of the earth and allow yourself to be held and supported.

Week 9 – Forgiveness & Reclamation Ritual

To end cycles and lifetimes of self-abandonment, self-rejection, and self-betrayal, compassion and self-forgiveness are essential. In a holy ritual in front of your sisters, you will move through the grief to reclaim all aspects of yourself you have tossed away, forgotten, or denied as you step fully onto the throne as the Sovereign Queen you are.

The calls will be held live. Each call via Zoom will last for approximately 90 minutes. Don’t fret it you can’t make it live. They will all be recorded, and replays will be sent within 24 hours.

You will receive journal prompts and simple, pleasurable embodiment practices you can use to take the work even deeper each week. The activations and journeys we do together will be recorded, so you can listen to them as many times as you would like.

If you desire more individualized 1:1 support, private sessions are available.  All group program participants receive 10% off coaching packages. 

We will begin in August 2022. Sign up below for the Waitlist to receive a special BONUS.

As you return to the throne of queendom, you will no longer accept a position of power under.

You will only tolerate relationships in which you are fully recognized, honored, and valued. This:

* Creates the opportunity for authentic, deep connection

*  Give others space to fully be who they are because you don’t need them to fulfill you

*  Releases unhealthy attachments that do not serve your soul – be it toxic or abusive relationships (built on false forms of love), codependent attachments, or situations that drain you and take away your energy

*  Opens the door to healthy, conscious, sacred relationships built on equality, true love, and freedom

It is time to turn directly toward the fears, inherited beliefs, and absorbed social conditioning which keep you small, in hiding, and afraid of fully embracing your raw, wild, magical power. You will do this by breaking the Eve Codes, which are a set of beliefs that have been deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche for millennia that deny the divinity of woman. 

Because her soul was no longer recognized, men believed they had the right to take away a woman’s choice, and thereby her freedom, while silencing her voice.  Her sexual life force energy was tamed, owned, and controlled.  No longer could she bask in her own pleasure, desire, or power – for she was determined to belong to another and could no longer exist for her Self. 

In order to fully reclaim our ancient sovereign power, it is essential that we remember our ancient roots and recognize the women who were fully free, fully sovereign, and fully divine before the Eve Codes were instituted and embedded deep in the collective psyche.

Throughout our 9 weeks together as you Embody the Sovereign Queen, you will reconnect to the earth and your body as divine and draw upon the wisdom of your soul as you reveal the truest essence of who you are. The teachings and transmissions you will receive are based on the ancient feminine wisdom of Inanna, Lilith, Isis, and Magdalene.

About Me:

A former lawyer turned mystic, I guide you to fully see yourself, embody your power, and reclaim your voice so you break the chains of invisibility and experience soul freedom in relationships.

Through years of research into religious history, ancient civilizations, and mythology, I have identified a set of beliefs, which I call the Eve Codes, which have been deeply embedded in the individual and collective psyche for millennia that deny the divinity of woman. 

Because a woman’s soul was no longer recognized, men believed they had the right to take away her choice, and thereby her freedom, while silencing her voice.  Her sexual life force energy was tamed, owned, and controlled.  No longer could she bask in her own pleasure, desire, or power – for she was determined to belong to another and could no longer exist for her Self. 

Even if our conscious, intellectual minds believe in equality between men and women, the Eve Codes continue to reside in our subconscious minds and affect our behavior in relationships.  The subconscious directs 95% of our choices.  It’s so powerful precisely because it’s unknown – below the level of consciousness – so we don’t even realize what is stopping us from experiencing what we truly desire in relationships. 

I was a feminist bulldog-in-a-skirt criminal prosecutor, yet I still found myself submitting to my partner’s desires, unable to express how I felt or what I wanted, fearing I was “too much” or “too powerful” for him.  I wanted him to want me, even if it meant (unconsciously) abandoning myself. It was only by accessing the wisdom of my body and remembering my ancient roots that I could truly set myself free.

We will begin in August 2022. Sign up below for the Waitlist to receive a special BONUS.

Common Questions:

How much time will I need to devote each week?

Each weekly session will last approximately 90 minutes. How long you spend on the weekly journal prompts and embodiment practices is up to you, though I recommend setting aside at least one hour. You will be given a short practice to do each day if you wish anywhere from 5-20 minutes.

What platform will we use to connect?

Each week, you will be sent a Zoom link the day before we meet live. I ask that you keep your video camera on and show up fully to each session ideally without any distractions. All sessions will be recorded and sent to you within 24 hours if you cannot make the class live or want to relisten to any of the practices or activations. You will be able to access all recordings via the Vimeo platform using a password. All documents are sent as PDFs.

When will the sessions be held? Do I need to be there live?

The sessions will be potent and powerful whether you are there live or watch the recordings if you’re unable to make it live. If that’s the case, you’re welcome to email me any questions you want addressed prior to or after our group sessions. There will be two weeks of integration during the program.

How do I know if this program is right for me?

If you have read this far, you probably already know the answer. Trust your gut, your body’s yearning, your soul’s longing to know yourself and your power more deeply than ever before. This program is a potent portal of transformation as you remember your ancient roots, anchor deeply into your Self, and allow yourself to be fully seen for who you are. It will affect every single relationship you ever have in your life, not to mention bring you ecstatic soul freedom.

Are 1:1 private sessions or this group program best for me?

During 1:1 private sessions we take a deep dive into you – your specific habits, patterns, and soul agreements. In this group program, I have carefully crafted a curriculum based on common patterns I see in women rooted in historical, cultural belief structures, such as guilt, shame, doubt, fear, unworthiness, and blame. We will address each of these while creating new internal pathways so you can truly begin to embody your power unapologetically.  If you’re still unsure whether 1:1 sessions or Embody the Sovereign Queen is best for you, or if you can’t make the LIVE time, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me here.

What is my investment in the program?

The full investment is $ 588 paid in full. You can also make 3 monthly payments of $ 199 / month. If your soul is a “yes” to reclaiming your power and experiencing soul freedom, then I know you will find a way to join. Open to the magic and trust your yes.

Additional Questions? Submit them in the box below!

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