Own your Divinity: The Power of Lilith

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Own your Divinity: The Power of Lilith

I tell the story of Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam, who demanded to be seen and recognized. Cole Lopez gave a reading of Black Moon Lilith in the sky on Valentine’s Day 2022. Then, you will be guided into an embodied meditation to connect your womb and throat so you can ROAR! This event was part of an Activate your Inner Power release party – a self-guided program to activate the power of your body, to see & hear yourself, choice, boundaries, your voice, and your desires available here.

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I want you to experience ecstatic soul freedom. To remove the blinders. To fully open your eyes. This free Activation – at just under 20 minutes – will guide you to drop into your body, root into your innate connection with all things, and open the portal of your heart.  

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