Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess:

How I Opened the Door to Freedom

Jessica’s position as a criminal prosecutor granted her authority and prestige.  However, she began to realize there was way more to life than meets the eye.  After much agony and distress, she decided to leave everything she had ever known and follow the call of her soul to Europe.  It left her struggling to know herself outside the context of a role, job, or title behind her name.  All she had clung to for definition disappeared.

When she arrived on the sacred mountain of Mary Magdalene in France, a voice introduced her to her soulmate.  They began a fairytale romance, but it quickly turned into a nightmare the day they moved in together.  She was not the woman he wanted, for she was not a virgin.  His accusations forced Jessica to reckon with her own sexuality.  Was sex, in fact, a sin?  Did desiring her own pleasure make her a whore?  Why was sex supposed to be only for man’s benefit?

In the midst of their dark relationship, Jessica came face to face with all the ways in which she denied her own power.  She believed love required her to sacrifice herself.  Eventually, she heard her inner voice screaming, “Why does it have to be all about you?!  Why can’t it be about me too?”  The rage of invisibility took its hold as she refused to lie underneath him anymore.  It was time to taste the fruit of the goddess and return to her feminine roots.  Only the wisdom of her body would set her free.

This revolutionary book confronts not only Jessica’s personal struggles with shame and guilt, but also the belief systems shaped throughout history that prohibit the possibility of true love between man and woman.

***The book is in its final editing stage, soon to be prepared for publication.***

The 150 Steps to La Sainte Baume.
The infamous 150 steps of La Sainte Baume in France.

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