Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess:

How I Opened the Door to Freedom

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess is a modern-day journey to reclaim the power of the body, voice, and sexuality by accessing ancient feminine wisdom to know true freedom.

This revolutionary story will tempt you to take the forbidden fruit so you may taste the sweetness of your own power and set yourself free. 

Jessica’s position as a criminal prosecutor granted her authority and prestige, but a devastating flood and bad accident left her realizing there was more to life than meets the eye.  She left everything she had ever known and followed the call of her soul to Europe. 

The trip left her struggling to know herself outside the context of a role, job, or title behind her name.  All she had clung to for definition disappeared.  When she arrived on the sacred mountain of Mary Magdalene in France, a voice introduced her to her soulmate.  Thus began a fairytale romance, which quickly turned into a nightmare the day they moved in together. 

His accusations forced her to reckon with her own sexuality, her identity, and a profound loss of power.  Eventually, she heard her my inner voice screaming.  The rage of invisibility took its hold as she refused to lie underneath him anymore.  It was time to taste the fruit of the goddess and return to her feminine roots.  Only the wisdom of her body would set her free. 

Not only does Jessica confront her personal struggles with shame and guilt, but also the belief systems shaped throughout history that prohibit the possibility of true love.  Through archetypes, myths, and personal story, you will be encouraged to look beyond the beliefs passed down to us for generations.

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess will be released in 2022. Sign up below for updates.

The 150 Steps to La Sainte Baume.
The infamous 150 steps of La Sainte Baume in France.

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