My Book

The Power of Eve:

Heal the wounds of the feminine and reclaim your sovereignty

As women, we have been disconnected from our true power. We have been told we are not worthy of choosing for ourselves. We have been told we exist for the benefit of others. We have been told not to trust ourselves, our bodies, our truth, and magic.

It has been dangerous and unsafe to be seen for who we really are. Women have faced lifetimes of persecution and been forced to depend on others for their survival. All because the feminine was no longer recognized as divine. A great split occurred between the Earth and Heaven, spirit and matter, body and soul. A male sky god was deemed to rule over all others. The goddess was buried underground. 

When we remember her, we remember who we really are. We reunite with our divinity here in form. We reclaim our ancient sovereignty. This requires shedding all the beliefs that tell us who we are supposed to be and how we are supposed to act. It demands we face our fears and walk straight toward them. It means we must remove the cloak of shame that has kept us hidden and invisible. In the sharing of my story, I walk the reader through the journey I took to reclaim my own sovereignty step-by-step. It highlights each belief I had to confront deeply embedded in my subconscious mind as I reunited with the wisdom of my body . The Power of Eve offers the forbidden fruit of self knowledge so the reader’s eyes are fully opened and they see themselves anew.

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