Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess:

How I Opened the Door to Freedom

After leaving a successful career as a criminal prosecutor, I stepped onto the plane for a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe and landed in an abusive relationship that forced me to question what true power really is – and where it comes from.

My position as a criminal prosecutor granted me authority and prestige, but a devastating flood and bad accident left me questioning the “straight path to success.”  At the call of my soul, I left everything I knew and flew to Europe. 

The trip left me struggling to know myself outside the context of a role, job, or title behind my name.  All I had clung to for definition disappeared.  When I arrived on the sacred mountain of Mary Magdalene in France, a voice introduced me to my soulmate.  Thus began a fairytale romance, which quickly turned into a nightmare the day we moved in together.

His accusations drove me to question whether I should feel guilty for having a sexual past.  Why was sex deemed a sin?  What made a woman’s desire so dangerous?  More than anything, I felt ashamed for not being who he wanted me to be. 

My throat caught every time I tried to speak up on my own behalf.  I found myself in a cycle of self-denial.  Eventually, I heard my inner voice screaming.  It was the rage of feeling invisible and powerless to do anything about it.  No longer could I lie underneath him.  By invoking the power of my own body, I learned how to set myself free. 

Through an interweaving of mythology, religious history, and personal story, this book explores how to reunite body with soul, sexuality with spirituality, and our humanity with our divinity.

This revolutionary story will tempt you to take the forbidden fruit so you may taste the sweetness of your own power and set yourself free. 

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess is expected to be released in 2022. Sign up below for updates.

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