Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess

By Jessica Falcon

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess is about a woman who frees herself from the belief that she exists for anyone but herself.

First, she had to embark on an initiatory journey.  It required her to relinquish the robes of power she wore as an attorney and criminal prosecutor for seven years.  The identity to which she clung disappeared.  Mary Magdalene called her to La Sainte Baume in France.  Immediately upon arrival, she met a man whose eyes twinkled after a voice announced that he was her soulmate.  Yet soon the fairytale became a nightmare.  The day they moved in together, he called her a “whore” upon learning that she was not the virgin he hoped for.

It forced her to grapple with questions about sexuality and the shame she felt for not being who he wanted her to be.  She discovered that sex used to be a form of holy communion, which is only possible if both the body and woman are considered holy.  Yet to him, she was his Eve, “taken from his rib,” meant to serve him at the expense of her own will.  Eventually the rage of invisibility rose to the surface, as her inner voice screamed, “See me!  Hear me!”  She would no longer be denied.  To recognize her was to claim Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam, who flew away when he refused to honor her divinity.

The 150 Steps to La Sainte Baume.

This is more than just a story.

It is interwoven with the journey of Inanna, ancient Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Earth. Jessica follows her descent into the darkness of the Underworld. It left her face to face with her fears, self-doubt, feelings of inadequacy and internalized shame. This book is for anyone who has ever asked the question, “Why does she stay?”  

Unbeknownst to Jessica, she and her partner replayed the story of Adam and Eve. His accusation was no different than the one thrown at Mary Magdalene by the Catholic Church. She, too, was called a whore because her power was greatly feared. Jessica believed that her survival depended on acquiescing to the will and command of another. It stopped her from drinking from the cup of her own wisdom.

Yet submitting was never quite Jessica’s style. She was, by all accounts, an ardent feminist.

Much of her life’s work revolved around ending violence against women.  Jessica’s honors thesis was on domestic violence policy.  She founded an organization against sexual violence that shaped university policies and created educational tools.  Her passion drove her to answer hotline calls, meet with abused women in the hospital and speak at rallies. 

How then could she find herself in an abusive relationship?  It forced her to reckon with the unconscious beliefs at the root of inequality.  Jessica spent several years researching archaeological evidence and religious history as it relates to suppression of the feminine.  Woman was denied her divinity when the earth was denied its divinity.

Gaia, in the land of Greece, helped her root down into the earth and back into her Self.

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