My book:

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess:

How I Opened the Door to Freedom

In this spiritual memoir, I take readers on a journey through my inner world as I left a successful career as a criminal prosecutor, jumped on a plane for a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe, and landed in an abusive relationship.  I had been on the straight path to success, but a series of events left me questioning: Isn’t there more to life?

I struggled to know myself outside the context of a job, possessions, or country.  All the power and authority granted me as a prosecutor suddenly disappeared.  Little did I know, I was following in the footsteps of Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven & Earth, who descended into the Underworld.  Greeted by darkness, she was forced to reckon with the parts of herself she most denied and repressed.

Upon arriving at the sacred mountain of Mary Magdalene, a man turned the corner in front of me.  “He’s your soul mate,” a voice announced.  A fairytale romance ensued, only to turn into a nightmare the day we moved in together.  His accusations forced me to reckon with her sexuality: Was something wrong with her desire?  Why was sex a sin?  Who deemed it so? 

My power threatened my husband.  I found herself apologizing until the rage of invisibility grew too great to ignore.  It was time to see myself and stop the vicious cycle of self-denial and self-sacrifice.  It required taking the fruit of wisdom, for only my body would set her free.  Like Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam, I refused to lie underneath any longer. 

Part memoir, part mythology, part cultural critique, I highlight the belief systems at the root of unequal power between men and women.  By examining religious history, I explore how we can – once again – reunite body and soul, sexuality and spirituality, and our humanity with our divinity. 

Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess is expected to be released in 2023. Sign up below for updates.

The 150 Steps to La Sainte Baume.
The infamous 150 steps of La Sainte Baume in France.

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