Reclaim Your Voice as Your Power

Confront the fears and beliefs that silence you

Online & In-Person Workshops

Have you ever struggled to be heard?

Is it easy to advocate for others, yet a lump forms in your throat when you try to speak up for yourself?

Does the desire to make other people happy result in your own silencing?

Have you experienced confusion or inner turmoil between what you want and what others want?

Do you fear if you show who you really are, or speak your truth, no one will love you?

It’s time to unravel yourself from the beliefs that put another’s truth above your own.

In this workshop, we will unravel ourselves from the beliefs passed down from generation to generation intent on silencing women. By using the body and mind as tools, we will shift our energy and clear any blocks to using our voice.

Imagine what it will feel like to believe:

֍ It is safe to speak my truth.

֍ I am worthy of expressing myself.

֍ I have a right to speak up on my own behalf.

֍ I express my soul’s highest truth.

֍ I know my words hold power.

In this workshop, you will:

֍ Become aware of your truth by accessing your inner voice.

֍ Confront fears of safety, survival, abandonment, and rejection that silence you.

֍ Know you are worthy of expressing yourself and refuse to abandon yourself anymore.

֍ Learn how to set and vocalize your own boundaries.

֍ Use your voice to create the life you truly want and desire.

We address the emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects of healing our throat and accessing our soul’s true voice.

Jessica is a clear and passionate teacher with her finger on the pulse of what’s true and what is here for us! I am so grateful she brought me closer to my own aliveness.

~ hope
Your Invitation to Reclaim Your Voice as Your Power

Jessica is a natural guide who knows how to go deeply within. She has a passion for this work which comes from the deep essence of who she is. What sets Jessica apart is that she has literally done this incredibly brave work to shift herself and her life. She gets it, she’s done it, she walks her talk!  This comes through in everything she offers to others. I experienced so much unique content, love and support. It added to the level of comfort I felt in our group, which was cohesive and sacred.

~ Lisa

Jessica’s Personal Story:

I’ve always had a really strong voice – on behalf of other people.  A lifelong advocate, I spoke up loudly for harms done to others.  Championed their right to be heard.  But when it came to speaking up for myself, there was only dead air.

A massive lump formed in my throat.  If I opened my mouth to speak, tears often welled up beneath my eyes.  Fear took its grip and left me paralyzed.  As a result, I was practically incapable of defending myself, saying how I felt, or what I needed.

How could I be a successful criminal prosecutor, known as a “bulldog in a skirt,” and yet fear even a whisper on my own behalf?  It took years of self-inquiry to finally access the deep roots of my silence.  It was easier to “submit” than to risk harm, disapproval, rejection, or conflict.  Yet by doing so, I disconnected from myself. 

First, I had to access my own voice – the one that arose from deep within – and not the voice expected of me.  There could be no more denial.  Then, I had to claim my right to exist.  My right to take up space.  My right to be heard.  Because I matter

It is an act of great courage to make noise in a society that has told women to remain silent.  They, and the men who listened to them, would be punished for speaking their truth.  Yet the old stories that perpetuated fear and domination must be rewritten by each one of us. It starts by being radically honest with yourself.

About Jessica Falcon

Jessica offers an embodied, soulful approach to reclaiming your power. After seven years of practicing law, she left the legal profession to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage. Years of meditation and yoga had created too much of an internal disconnect between what she was doing and how she felt.

After traveling to sacred earth sites in honor of the feminine, Jessica settled down for awhile in Europe. Years of living up in the head left her disconnected from her own body. She taught herself French while accessing her soul’s wisdom through intuitive energetic practices. A tortuous relationship finally helped her see the truth of her own self-betrayal. No longer could Jessica deny her own power, her own sexuality, or her own voice.

Upon returning to the States, Jessica authored the book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, which weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey. After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, she finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Learn more here.

The teachings are not affiliated with any particular religion or dogma. Read here about Jessica’s underlying philosophy. Want to know more, or get to know Jessica before you sign up?  Listen to her recent podcast on Feminine Revered, catch up on her latest blogs, or check Facebook for bimonthly video posts.

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