Reclaim Your Sexuality as Your Own

Your Sexuality Belongs to You. Claim Your Right to Pleasure.

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Have you ever felt obligated to have sex when a part of you felt a big “no” inside?

Did you experience the feeling of going up into your head and leaving your body behind?

Do you know what it’s like to consent to sex without feeling a full-bodied yes?

I know this wound all too well.

Did you experience another person who believed they could choose for you? Who ignored your own free will and refused to see the soul that resides in your body? Can you feel the pain and disconnection this blindness caused you?

You are not alone.

Do you know what it’s like to focus on pleasing another while neglecting your own right to pleasure? Are you afraid of asking for what you need?

Has your own no, or your own boundary, become stuck in your throat, unable to be expressed?

For years, I wanted only to be desired and feared the rejection my “no” would bring.

I also felt simultaneously proud and ashamed for having my own sexual desire.

Over 5,000 years ago, women were removed from their temples and enslaved by tribes who believed men were superior to women. Former priestesses — who had full sovereign choice — were forced to have sex against their will. No longer were their souls recognized. Instead, their bodies were seen as nothing more than objects for the benefit of another.

The ancient practice of holy communion during the sexual act was lost.

Holy communion, by its very nature, necessitates equality.

It is an offering of self to another in full, conscious choice. The body and soul are inseparable.

Together, we will explore the transition from Priestess to Prostitute and how this has impacted our own psyche and current beliefs.

We will embody the energy of Inanna, Sumerian Queen of Heaven & Earth. She knew her right to pleasure and was unashamed to ask for what she wanted. Lilith, the legendary first wife of Adam, will help us connect with the deep rage and grief that occur when our souls are denied, whether through rape, assault or the denial of our own choice.

It is time to rewrite the story.

It is time to reclaim our sexuality.

It is time to embrace our power.

In this workshop, you will:

֍ Firmly unite your body and soul into one integrated whole.

֍ Confront shame for having your own sexual desire.

֍ Let go of the need to please another at your own expense.

֍ Embrace your sensual, sexual self.

֍ Demand your own right to pleasure.

֍ Fully embody your “no” and your “yes”.

֍ Discover the art of Holy Communion between lovers.

I first met Jessica when I signed up for a course she offered about Mary Magdalene.  She was warm, open, and genuine from the first moment I met her.  I continued to work with Jessica in a group format and found a new understanding of my own version of spirituality.  There was acceptance for where we may differ in views, in addition to inspiration to reconsider, reaffirm, or realign my spiritual values.  Jessica has a gentle way of guiding you through meditative practices, helping you to drop down into your core and open up the gateway to your own truth.  While we didn’t work from a psychotherapeutic framework, Jessica and the close-knit relationships I developed with others in the group helped me heal from a history of sexual assault.  It has been a powerful experience to have Jessica in my life, and I have full trust in her ability to lead others through a reawakening of mind, body, and heart (soul). 

Lee Anne

Jessica’s Personal Story

Even though I considered myself a “sexually empowered woman” in my 20s, it always felt like something was missing.  The first time I had sex with my college boyfriend, I asked myself, “Is that it?”  “What’s the big deal?”  “Why is this considered such a sin?”  

It had taken months of deliberation before I finally “committed the act.”  While growing up, I signed a petition of abstinence until marriage because that’s what “good girls did.”  By having sex, I felt like I was giving myself away to someone.  It hadn’t occurred to me that men didn’t feel the same way.  They weren’t giving themselves to me, they were getting what they wanted.  Once this realization dawned in my feminist mind, I made a vow to use men before they could use me

The problem is, it didn’t quite work out that way.  I felt obligated to please my partners, even if I wanted to say no.  Somehow, my body became theirs.  They could choose for me, as it was all about “making them happy.”  If I didn’t, they would leave me, or get angry.  I dared not ask for what I wanted.  Doing so would be “selfish.”  Often, they chose to focus on their own pleasure while leaving me dry. 

Yet I continued to seek connection through sex.  I felt simultaneously liberated by my desire and ashamed of it.  Was something wrong with me for enjoying physical pleasure?  Would I be punished for doing so?  Did it make me a whore to have sex outside of marriage?   

This shame resided deep within me until I looked more closely at how sex became associated with sin.  It was a concept created by men who believed that god existed only “up above” and outside of earth.  Women were turned from priestesses to prostitutes when men began to impose the belief – through extreme warfare and violence – that women were inferior beings who lacked an innate connection to the divine. 

The ancient priestesses knew differently.  By learning of them, I remembered the sacredness of my own body.  My womb belongs to me and no other.  They taught me how to root down into my Self and recognize my own holiness.  How to connect with the divine through my senses.  How to receive the pleasure that is my birthright. 

A woman became a prostitute when her soul was ignored, and only her body was used.  It has been incredibly liberating to fully unite my body and soul – here and now – in order to experience the holy communion of the priestess.

About Jessica Falcon:

Jessica offers an embodied, soulful approach to reclaiming your power. After seven years of practicing law, she left the legal profession to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage. Years of meditation and yoga had created too much of an internal disconnect between what she was doing and how she felt.

After traveling to sacred earth sites in honor of the feminine, Jessica settled down for awhile in Europe. Years of living up in the head left her disconnected from her own body. She taught herself French while accessing her soul’s wisdom through intuitive energetic practices. A tortuous relationship finally helped her see the truth of her own self-betrayal. No longer could Jessica deny her own power, her own sexuality, or her own voice.

Upon returning to the States, Jessica authored the book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, which weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey. After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, she finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Learn more here.

The teachings are not affiliated with any particular religion or dogma. Read here about Jessica’s underlying philosophy. Want to know more, or get to know Jessica before you sign up?  Listen to her recent podcast on Feminine Revered, catch up on her latest blogs, or check Facebook for bimonthly video posts.

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