The Blurred Boundary between Me and Them

When I was in the midst of a tortuous relationship, my body was the only way out of the cycle I found myself in. While living in a 500-year old stone house in Provence, France, I spent my days trying to recoup the energy I lost the night before – in yet another “altercation.”  IContinue reading “The Blurred Boundary between Me and Them”

The Body as a Source of Power

It is an incredibly humbling and vulnerable experience to unveil my heart’s passion to the world.  When I released my first online course this week, Reclaim Your Body as Holy, I felt nervous that no one would understand what I was doing or why.  My message is different from the societal norm.  Yes, I wantContinue reading “The Body as a Source of Power”

The Desire to Fix Myself

When I left the legal profession and ventured to Europe in 2013, I was living from the head up, disconnected from the throat down.  I prized mental intelligence over emotional intelligence.  Slowly, I began to drop down and in.  To feel.  To intuit.  To experience deep pleasure in the moment.  My intuition guided me acrossContinue reading “The Desire to Fix Myself”

From Turmoil to Freedom: Revelation of Truth

This is the last in a series of blogs in which I explore the process I went through before leaving the legal profession as an attorney and jumping on a plane to Europe for an adventure that led me deep into my own subconscious. My decision to say yes to the voice that cried fromContinue reading “From Turmoil to Freedom: Revelation of Truth”

Healing the Blocks to Completion

I can hardly believe that my book is finished. The writing process has taken me on quite a journey the past several years. The timing of its completion is utterly incredible and, of course, totally unplanned by me. I finished the very last draft almost exactly seven years after the initial call came to leaveContinue reading “Healing the Blocks to Completion”