Learn what the Eve Codes are so you can reclaim your power and experience ecstatic soul liberation

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If you have ever feared your power, silenced your voice, or shamed your body, it’s time to understand why so you can begin to fully embody your power without apology.

The Eve Codes are a set of beliefs adopted over 3,000 years ago that deemed women inferior to men because the soul of woman was no longer recognized. Only men were “of god.” Women were made of man, for man. Their right to exist for themselves was flatly denied. This took away a woman’s choice – thereby denying her freedom – and silenced her voice.

This deep sense of unworthiness continues to reside in the subconscious of most women, and it separates us from our true desires, sacred pleasure, and body wisdom. In order to reclaim our ancient sovereign power, we must clear these beliefs from our body-mind, embody our divinity, and redefine the way we love to include both self and other.

In this free series of videos, you will:

*  Learn when the Eve Codes were written and be introduced to a historical context for the infamous story of Adam & Eve

*  Understand the new encoded beliefs that led to denial of a woman’s divinity, which allowed women to be owned, dominated, and controlled 

*  Discover how the new requirement that women submit, serve & silence themselves now show up as false forms of love we have normalized for millennia 

*  Be introduced to the 6 core Eve wounds that may be inhibiting you from experiencing the healthy, conscious relationships you desire

* Remember your ancient roots and learn what is necessary for us to begin the process of reclaiming our full sovereign power as women so we experience soul freedom in relationships

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