The Heart Feels

I think it’s interesting how feelings are considered the realm of women only. Men aren’t “supposed” to feel because feelings are deemed “weak” or “unimportant.” They’re said to stand in the way of rational thinking, rather than a complement. So many women — myself included — adopt this viewpoint and give feelings an inferior status.Continue reading “The Heart Feels”

The truest essence of self-love

What, my dear, is self-love? To me, it’s like becoming your own lover. Your own best friend. Your own helper and companion. It’s sitting with yourself in complete silence so you can hear and listen deeply, soaking up every bit of wisdom that arises. It’s connecting with the essence of who you are and lettingContinue reading “The truest essence of self-love”

Anger as a Source of Truth

We fear our anger, but it fuels our desire to change.  Sometimes, anger is necessary.  It says, “Wake up.  Open your eyes.  Stop playing small.” Anger rises when we have been ignored.  Rejected.  Made invisible.  Or when we feel powerless. Anger warns us when others try to overstep our boundaries. Anger yells, “Hey you!  StopContinue reading “Anger as a Source of Truth”

Stop the Cycle of Invisibility: Speak Up

I know what it’s like to silence myself.  To feel invisible in a relationship because I’m too afraid to speak up for myself or share how I feel.  I know what it’s like to feel disconnected at the throat, unable to express myself, or even to connect with my own truth. It was easier toContinue reading “Stop the Cycle of Invisibility: Speak Up”