What old stories keep you caged?

We all have stories. Life experiences that shape us, unravel us, put us back together again. Trauma. Grief. Disconnection. Stories of pain or joy – or both. The question I have for you is: What stories will you carry forward? Often, we keep telling ourselves the old stories as if they are still happening. WeContinue reading “What old stories keep you caged?”

Unlock the Power of Feeling

We have been taught to equate power with strength. The kind of “strength” that has no “weakness.” Is formidable. Doesn’t feel. Or care. This kind of “power” has led us into war after war. It requires our hearts to close as the divide between self and other widens. This kind of power is killing us.Continue reading “Unlock the Power of Feeling”

Do you Value the Feminine?

You cannot embody your feminine power while – consciously or unconsciously – denying the value of the feminine. What does it look like to devalue the feminine? * Minimizing or denying feelings * Labeling feelings as weak, in the way, or unnecessary * A constant focus on doing and productivity. Making sure you cross offContinue reading “Do you Value the Feminine?”

Be that F*cking Powerful

When you return to your sovereign state, you can no longer live in fear.  It dissipates.  And when it pokes its head up, you know exactly how to love it into dissolution.  Because you are that f*cking powerful. Your Sovereignty affects every single relationship in your life.  How could it not?  You show up exactlyContinue reading “Be that F*cking Powerful”

How to Trust your Soul’s Vision

Keeping our eyes focused purely on the outside world can easily lead us into grief. I felt that grief for most of my life, appalled and outraged by the behavior of humankind. My eyes stayed focused on the external experience I was having. It was my mind that dictated my own reality. The mind –Continue reading “How to Trust your Soul’s Vision”

Open the Door to Freedom by Embodying the Priestess Within

You’re invited to watch this recent podcast interview between myself and Tessa Tovar with Outside the Studio. Here’s what we talk about: What is victim consciousness and how to move beyond itThe tools of the body, the soul, and the goddess or divine feminineWhat is the heart work, including a guided example of how toContinue reading “Open the Door to Freedom by Embodying the Priestess Within”