A 6-month 1:1 Transformational Journey to:

Activate Codes of Courage

Take the throne as King of your own Domain

You feel connected to source, god, the universe.

You know there is more to the world than meets the eye.

You are aware of a deeper power that is available to you.

However, you want this energy to translate into your waking life.

To move down into your body

To speak through your words

To infiltrate your relationships

To become you.

In other words, you want your divine masculine to meet your divine feminine. 

You want to live, breathe, smell, and taste your divinity – in form.  Here and now.

It is time to connect with your own sacred feelings – which are a compass to your inner world, your belief systems (conscious & unconscious), and your soul’s deepest desires.

Only then can you live in accordance with your soul’s truth – not by what has been demanded or expected of you.

You become your own authority.

You take the reign as King of your own Domain:

* Fully anchored in the wisdom & intelligence of your body

* Sourcing love, acceptance, & belonging from within

* A sword in hand that cuts through the illusions & lies that have kept you bound

* Your true sight activated

* Boundaries rooted in knowing how divinely worthy you are

* Your heart courageously open to yourself and others

My time with Jessica was fantastic.  The fact that I could open up so deeply so quickly says much more about Jessica than it does about me.  She has the gift of compassion, and her perception is so important for folks like me who weren’t brought up to even acknowledge certain things let alone articulate them.  I’ve not shared myself that honestly with anyone before.  It’s gratifying to know I could actually be that way and not hate myself for it.  Jessica, you have my undying thanks and infinite gratitude.  I received more out of one session with you than I did in 13 years of therapy!


Release the shackles of shame, unworthiness, and disconnection from your own divine nature so you experience the depths of unconditional love awaiting your yes.

Here’s how I work with you:

* Open, clear, and activate energy centers of your body

*  Release emotional stagnation and energetic debris

*  Deep embodiment practices rooted in ancient wisdom

*  Dialog through coaching

*  Guided Inner journeys

*  Sacred rituals

*  Juicy journal prompts

We will work to align all levels of your being – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual – into one unified, integrated whole. 

I am grateful for a wonderful, enlightening, amazing session with Jessica.  My teacher would have said, the words you use to describe are the real essence of the person (Jessica). Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I appreciate your caring thoughts, love, and energy.


The Juicy Details:

You will be held in a sacred container of transformation as you open, receive, and allow yourself to be supported, held, and witnessed. It is a co-creation between me and you, your divinity, and the infinite Universe. 

We will meet once a week for three consecutive weeks. During the fourth week, you will receive a ritual, practice, or a coded activation to do on your own as you have time to fully integrate our work together. 

Each of our sacred 1:1 private sessions will be held via Zoom for approximately 60 – 75 minutes. You will be given access to the recordings.

Payment plans are available to make this potent Portal of Transformation accessible to you. I require that we meet for a free 30-minute Soul Freedom Breakthrough session first to ensure it is the perfect fit for us both.

Working with Jessica is the best investment I have ever made in my life for my personal growth.  A deep ancient wisdom resides within Jessica that shines through her voice, her words, and her channeling!  I have never been so safe and so seen in the way Jessica is able to see me and hold such loving and supportive space.  The way she guides me, how she supports me, and how she feels me is such magic!  Everything is welcomed in her vision.  She hugs all of my feelings and emotions and shows me in a very gentle way what my feelings want to teach me and why they are asking for my attention. 


About Me:

A former lawyer turned mystic, I left the legal profession in 2013 to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage in Europe. Unbeknownst to me, I was beginning an 8-year initiation into ancient feminine mysteries. I am able to transmit wisdom from my own lived, embodied experience of having walked this path to sovereignty, to reclamation of the feminine, to soul freedom.

My training includes everything from somatic and emotional intelligence to nervous system resilience, empathy, authentic communication, trauma-informed yoga, Egyptian tantra, and shamanism – not to mention whole-body healing, herbalism, and deep initiations and teachings from the goddess herself.  You can learn more about the specific path I have walked here.

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