Reclaim Your Body as Holy

It is your companion. Your guide. Your compass.

Online & In-Person Workshops

Is it easier to reside in your head, leaving you disconnected from the throat down?

Does your body feel more like a burden than an asset?

Has shame clouded your vision because your body doesn’t look the way you “think” it should?

You are not alone.

We live in a culture where the body has been separated from its divinity.  We see an object and remain blind to the soul within.  If we have experienced trauma, we often move up and out of the body to protect ourselves from feeling pain. 

It becomes more and more difficult to know what you want.

The needs, demands and expectations of everyone else take first priority.

Your intuition becomes harder and harder to access.

Yet, you have not given up.  You continue to desire a greater connection with your Self.

You are ready to drop down and in.

You are ready to access your own enriching wisdom.

You are ready to Reclaim Your Body as Holy.

Let’s begin.

In this workshop, you will:

֍ Hear your Inner Voice
֍ Discover your needs – your feelings – your desires. 
֍ Enhance your intuitive capacity.
֍ Establish clear lines of communication between your mind and body. Align what you know with what you feel.
֍ Get out of your head and become fully present.
֍ Develop an intimate relationship with your body – and ultimately with the deepest aspects of your Self.

It is time to unravel the beliefs of a culture that tell us the body is an obstacle to spirit. 

In fact, it is a portal.

Learn how to connect with the energy that lies between the contours of your skin.

Jessica Falcon is a powerhouse. She’s intuitive, wise and a deep listener. I’ve practiced in circle with her for several years now, and her meditations, visualizations, and ritual practices move me deeply. They connect me to my own inner voice, as well as the divine feminine collective. I feel fulfilled and fully expressed after an evening of practice with her, and I keep coming back for more!

~ Paula

Jessica’s Personal Story

I was rejected repeatedly for my body because it didn’t look the way others prescribed.  I wasn’t thin and formless.  I had skin and curves and shape of my own.  Yet to others, I wasn’t good enough based solely on how my body appeared to them.  While in high school, I punched myself in the gut and desired to cut off my belly.  The shame I felt separated me from my body’s guidance.  Instead, I went into my head.

I internalized the rejection of others and began to reject myself.  My eyes searched outside for approval, justification, acceptance and love.  Sometimes they found it.  Sometimes they didn’t.  When they didn’t, it was automatically “my fault” for not being “good enough.”  If only I was thinner, smarter, better, more perfect

I lost my internal compass.  What others said and thought about me was accepted without question.  They told me who I was.  They gave me love.  They defined me.

I forgot how to look within before opening my eyes to the world.  I forgot how to see my own truth, my own beauty, my own wisdom.  Then, in 2009, a severe bicycle accident required immediate surgery on my face.  A couple of days later, I took off the bandage.  My face was temporarily deformed.  I couldn’t recognize myself.  As my eyes caught sight of themselves in the mirror, I knew without a doubt that I was not my body. 

Rather, my body is a companion.  A temple.  An instrument, even.  I had yearned relentlessly for others to see through my body to me.  The real me.  Yet how could they, when I hadn’t seen myself?

About Jessica Falcon:

Jessica offers an embodied, soulful approach to reclaiming your power. After seven years of practicing law, she left the legal profession to embark on a spiritual pilgrimage. Years of meditation and yoga had created too much of an internal disconnect between what she was doing and how she felt.

After traveling to sacred earth sites in honor of the feminine, Jessica settled down for awhile in Europe. Years of living up in the head left her disconnected from her own body. She taught herself French while accessing her soul’s wisdom through intuitive energetic practices. A tortuous relationship finally helped her see the truth of her own self-betrayal. No longer could Jessica deny her own power, her own sexuality, or her own voice.

Upon returning to the States, Jessica authored the book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, which weaves research of ancient civilizations and religious history with her own humbling journey. After years of official and unofficial study of the body, energy systems, healing modalities, nutrition and holistic health, she finally took a Subtle Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. Learn more here.

The teachings are not affiliated with any particular religion or dogma. Read here about Jessica’s underlying philosophy. Want to know more, or get to know Jessica before you sign up?  Listen to her recent podcast on Feminine Revered, catch up on her latest blogs, or check Facebook for bimonthly video posts.

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