It is time to take the Forbidden Fruit. Remember the Goddess. Reclaim your power. Return to Sovereignty.

In ancient times, women were Sovereign & Free.

The Goddess was worshipped alongside the God.

The power of woman was revered and honored.

The body was considered holy and sacred.

Sexuality was a sacred union through full-bodied connection and awareness of the divinity in All Things.

Life itself was revered.

Yet, over time, this all began to change.

A male god was put up into the sky as the goddess was demonized and cast out.

The body was damned as sinful, corrupt, and untrustworthy.

The earth was dominated.

The sovereign priestesses were ripped from their temples and turned into slaves.

Men began to force their will upon women, who were required submit, serve, and silence themselves.

The soul of woman was no longer recognized.

She was to exist of man, for man.

Her right to exist for herself was flatly denied.

This new paradigm created a split between body and spirit, heaven and earth, man and woman.

One (heaven, spirit, man) was superior to the other (earth, matter, woman). 

Matters of the earth – and life itself – were considered an obstruction to communion with god. 

To restore balance and harmony, we must restore the feminine soul. We must remember the goddess. We must return to our ancient sovereignty.

What is Sovereignty?

֍ To be sovereign is to source love from within.

֍ To be your own authority.

֍ To know you have a right to be here.

֍ To own your own soul.

֍ To anchor into your divinity.

The path to sovereignty requires us to:

Access our inner wisdom and truth

Reclaim our soul from the limiting beliefs, absorbed social conditioning and fears that keep us small, in hiding, or afraid of shining our light

Remember our ancient roots

Align all aspects of mind, body, and soul into one integrate whole

Embody our divinity

Only through radical reclamation of a woman’s soul can we create relationships built on shared power, equality, and true love.

Watch Below to Learn Why Every Woman must Return to her Ancient Sovereignty:

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