10 Common Symptoms of Disconnection from your Soul’s Truth

Below are 10 common symptoms I’ve seen show up in clients from around the world and in myself that reflect disconnection from the deep, raw truth and power of your soul. As you read them, I recommend simply acknowledging what feels true or resonant for you without judging it as good or bad.

When we judge ourselves for not “being where we want to be,” it can easily keep us looped in cycles of shame or guilt.

What if you are exactly where you are meant to be in this moment?

What if reading these words is the spark to ignite inner change?

What if you can choose to honor your soul and learn how to connect to its truth right now?

Here are the symptoms:

(1) You experience ambivalence or an inability to make decisions

(2) You feel disconnected from your body and its wisdom – as if it’s simply an object you’re carrying around

(3) You don’t know what your boundaries are, or you have a difficult time honoring them

(4) You get lost in confusion or lack clarity

(5) You easily get wrapped up in the experience of other people and neglect your own needs, feelings, or desires

(6) You’re unable to put voice to your innermost feelings or needs and fear rejection if you try

(7) You don’t act on your own behalf, which shows up as waiting for others, not giving yourself what you want, or seeking external permission or agreement

(8) You desire to run away from difficult or challenging situations – including conversations – rather than face them head on

(9) You experience addictions to unhealthy or toxic habits, people, or situations

(10) You lack real, embodied pleasure in your life

Take a deep breath. Place your hands on your heart and breathe into this infinite well of love. Let it extend to the rest of your body.

You are so worthy. You are so powerful. You matter so much.

If and when you are ready to fully Activate your Sacred Feminine Power for women or Activate Codes of Courage for men, I’m here to hold your hand and walk with you as a guide so you connect deeply to your soul’s truth. It is the ticket to pure freedom.


Jessica Falcon

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Published by Jessica

A former lawyer turned mystic, I offer you the forbidden fruit so you radically embody your divinity to experience the ecstasy of full-bodied freedom. As a soul embodiment coach & activator, I take you on an initiatory journey to embrace and accept every single part of who you are so you take the throne and become queen or king of your own domain. 1:1 sessions to Activate your Sacred Power for women or to Activate Codes of Courage for men and a group program to Embody your Divinity: Reclaim the Holiness of your Body, Voice & Sexuality are available. But only if you are completely and utterly devoted to soul freedom. :)

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