Be that F*cking Powerful

When you return to your sovereign state, you can no longer live in fear. 

It dissipates. 

And when it pokes its head up, you know exactly how to love it into dissolution. 

Because you are that f*cking powerful.

Your Sovereignty affects every single relationship in your life. 

How could it not? 

You show up exactly as you are:

No more hiding. 

No more pretending. 

No more self-denial. 

And definitely no more self-sacrifice.

Because your worthiness is deeply embedded in your bones.

You are willing to risk being seen – and face the potential of rejection – because your value is not dependent on anyone, or anything, outside of you.

Imagine how it would feel to be so exposed, so open, and so raw – without apology. 

This is power.

Power rooted in your divinity.

Once you reclaim your power, you can no longer tolerate relationships built on unequal power dynamics. 

You don’t have to force anyone to change or be different than they are.

No. The victim waits for others to change. 

The Sovereign woman knows how to pull back the power she has given away – be it a belief, habit, person, or tendency – so it no longer pulls her off center.

She’s that f*cking anchored in who she is.

Can you feel it? 

It removes all blame.

Obliterates all shame.

And leaves room only for self-responsibility and a recognition of the power of choice.

Pure Freedom.

Life doesn’t “happen” to the Sovereign woman. 

It gets created.

It is chosen.

It is seen for its magnificence – no matter the shade it arrives in.

For she knows how to take the light of love with her into ANY circumstance. 

The dark is her ally, not her enemy.

The Sovereign woman’s strength is her ability to see beyond the appearance of illusion. 

Thus, she can’t get lost, even while others are stumbling around. 

It is the gift of True Sight.

All the old shackles are cast off.

No more ties that bind.

Her beauty radiates.

Her truth transforms.

Her pleasure is contagious.

For she has fully reunited with all aspects of who she is – on every level of her being. 

Joy courses through her veins as she is the embodiment of Love.

Tell me:

Do you desire a taste of this Liberation?

The gift of Self-Knowledge?

The decadence of Wisdom?

It has been forbidden for thousands of years. 

Will you dare to take a bite anyway?

This path is not for the faint of heart.

It requires pure devotion to your own liberation.

Unleash your Sovereign Power now. 


Jessica Falcon

You can choose either to work with me 1:1 in Private Sessions to Radically Reclaim your Self or in a transformative Group Program.

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Published by Jessica

About me? In a nutshell, a former lawyer who followed my Soul's calling to leave everything I knew (job, home, family, friends, country) in order to explore new territory, both externally and within myself. Now, I'm a writer, guide and a creator with a passion for life. My philosophy? Laugh. Dance. Feel. Move. Write. Express yourself. Be free. Listen to your own Soul's wisdom. Drink up all of life, even those moments we deem "bitter." It's ALL part of our path. It's ALL here to help us. And we're ALL here together.

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