Open the Door to Freedom by Embodying the Priestess Within

You’re invited to watch this recent podcast interview between myself and Tessa Tovar with Outside the Studio. Here’s what we talk about:

What is victim consciousness and how to move beyond it
The tools of the body, the soul, and the goddess or divine feminine
What is the heart work, including a guided example of how to practice this
Using the ancient myths of the Goddess to embody of the sovereign being
What are the 3 core fears that keep women in toxic relationships, or as Jessica calls it “false forms of love”
What are the 5 aspects of true love

You can watch below via YouTube or listen on iTunes or Spotify. We would love to know your biggest takeaway in the comments below! 🙂

Jessica guides women to embody their power, know their boundaries, and reclaim their voice so they feel free to fully be and express who they are in relationships.  Despite being a criminal prosecutor with a feminist mindset, Jessica still found herself in the throes of an abusive relationship.  An expert advocate for everyone else, it was nearly impossible for her to put voice to her innermost feelings or stand up on her own behalf.  She came to realize that most of what she experienced was deep subconscious programming about how we, as women, are supposed to love.  

Now, Jessica helps women distinguish between True Love and the False Forms of love we have been conditioned to accept.  Doing so requires accessing our feminine roots and remembering our ancient sovereignty, which existed before the soul of woman was denied.  Her book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess, to be released in 2022, bridges ancient feminine wisdom with her modern-day journey.  In private sessions and workshops, Jessica helps women Radically Reclaim their Self to know freedom in love.

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Published by Jessica

About me? In a nutshell, a former lawyer who followed my Soul's calling to leave everything I knew (job, home, family, friends, country) in order to explore new territory, both externally and within myself. Now, I'm a writer, guide and a creator with a passion for life. My philosophy? Laugh. Dance. Feel. Move. Write. Express yourself. Be free. Listen to your own Soul's wisdom. Drink up all of life, even those moments we deem "bitter." It's ALL part of our path. It's ALL here to help us. And we're ALL here together.

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