The Ache to be Raw and Real and Free

We’re taught to focus our attention outward, on the world, our family, our careers.  We work hard and struggle to find peace in relationships.  Success may come our way.  We have everything we could want and need.  But something is missing.  Deep down, you know it.  There is more to the world.  Your soul is hungry.  Ravenous, even.  It wants answers.  Explanations.  “Why,” it asks.  “Why am I doing this?”  “Why am I here?”

There’s a feeling of loneliness deep inside, no matter how many people surround you.  An aching and longing for deeper connection.  You want to be raw and real and free, but you don’t know how.

Freedom is an internal state.  It has nothing to do with where you are, or what you have. 

When you familiarize yourself with the deepest, scariest, most rejected parts of yourself – and then love them – you are free.

When you take responsibility for all of the thoughts and beliefs and feelings that move through your being – and then choose which ones to keep or discard – you are free.

When you connect with the deep soul wisdom that resides in your heart – and allow it to direct your life – you are free.

This kind of freedom takes work.  It requires commitment.  The path is not easy.  We live in a world that prefers to keep us looking outside ourselves for love, approval and validation.  It will never come.  Not fully.  You will always be searching, abandoning yourself in the process.

It’s time to stop.  No one else will do it for you.  Only you can fully know you.  Coming home to yourself is a journey of exploration.  It often requires saying goodbye to what is familiar and comfortable – especially in the way of beliefs, habits and patterns.  It’s not light and fluffy.  It’s dark and scary, but the light of your heart is always there to guide you.  And when you forget, I’m here.  You don’t have to do it alone.  Not anymore.

© Jessica Falcon 2020.

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Published by Jessica

About me? In a nutshell, a former lawyer who followed my Soul's calling to leave everything I knew (job, home, family, friends, country) in order to explore new territory, both externally and within myself. Now, I'm a writer, guide and a creator with a passion for life. My philosophy? Laugh. Dance. Feel. Move. Write. Express yourself. Be free. Listen to your own Soul's wisdom. Drink up all of life, even those moments we deem "bitter." It's ALL part of our path. It's ALL here to help us. And we're ALL here together.

2 thoughts on “The Ache to be Raw and Real and Free

  1. Way to go Jessica!!! Excellent!!! Love you bunches!!!

    On Thu, Nov 5, 2020, 7:34 AM The Path to Sovereignty wrote:

    > Jessica posted: ” We’re taught to focus our attention outward, on the > world, our family, our careers. We work hard and struggle to find peace in > relationships. Success may come our way. We have everything we could want > and need. But something is mi” >


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