Jessica Falcon

Author & Wayshower

Let the Portal of Transformation Begin

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3 Private Sessions with Jessica Falcon (10% off until August 10)

You are committing to a Powerful & Permanent Portal of Transformation: Three 75-minute online sessions with Jessica Falcon


Each private session will be facilitated by Jessica Falcon. They will last approximately 75 minutes in length over Zoom, or they can be done in person if you live near Asheville, NC. Once begun, they cannot be transferred to another party. They are nonrefundable since the outcome depends on the personal commitment you make to your own freedom. Results are not “guaranteed,” as this is a deeply transformative process that requires your full participation.

This is not therapy, nor will any form of therapeutic advice be given. It is highly recommended that you already have an established mediation or other awareness-based practice before beginning this work. Mental stability is required, as is the ability to know a thought is not who you are.

Come with an open mind, a willing heart, and a deep “yes” from your soul. Everything else will take care of itself in perfect divine order.

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