Are you ready to enter a Portal of Transformation?

We will use energetic activations, transmissions, and intuitive guidance to help you unlock your true potential on all levels of mind-body-soul.

Somehow you have found yourself in the same type of relationship pattern.  The person is different, but the dynamic is the same. 

Perhaps you feel unheard, misunderstood, or invisible. 

They don’t see you.

It’s impossible to know how you really feel, much less to voice it.  You wonder why it has to be this way.  It’s easy to blame yourself, or wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Parts of you want out, and other parts of you can’t imagine leaving.

Anger, frustration, and resentment are brewing underneath the surface. 

What are your boundaries?  Where is your no?  What do you want?

Are you willing to believe you can have it?  Is it the constant lump in your throat that keeps you from asking for it?

You are not alone.

Despite having been a criminal prosecutor, I still found it nearly impossible to speak up on my own behalf.  I couldn’t get the words out.  I feared rejection.  I feared disappointing.  I feared their anger.

My needs were pushed down, while their needs were a priority.  My feelings didn’t matter, but I gave theirs all my attention.  My desires were inconsequential, and yet I tried to satisfy each one presented to me.

I wanted to be “loving.”

Thinking of myself made me “selfish.”  Or so, I thought.

Until the goddess helped me remember my true power had nothing to do with bowing down to another.

Not only did I have to confront every belief I inherited, or that was passed down through generations, I had to energetically clear all forms of disempowerment from my body.

This is essential if you want to reinstate your place next to your partner and not underneath. 

You matter too.

You are just as worthy.

You deserve to be seen.

As a priestess and wayshower, I use energetic activations, transmissions, and intuitive guidance to help you unlock the codes of transformation that lie within you.  It is time to stop living from the past.  You can rewrite your story.  The shackles must be removed and the chains released. We will work on levels of mind-body-soul.

We will work consciously with your thoughts and beliefs.  Yet, the real work will be accessing your subconscious mind and removing any energetic blockages to reveal your truest self.

You are free.

It is time to know it, live it, and breathe it – in all circumstances, including your relationships.

When you are ready to say “Yes!” to yourself, I will be here to welcome you into a Portal of Transformation.  The shifts within you will be permanent.

Jessica channels through the frequency of the heart and offers light to the most shadowed places within the mind, body and spirit.  Her guidance is warm, embodied, and fertile.  Her purity is deep medicine, and she transmutes energy by merely standing in the vibration of grace and honor.

Cole Lopez, founder of house of magick ny

The goddess is waiting for you with open arms.

Three packages are available:

3 Sessions move you quickly through a transformative period. Each 75-minute session is $175. Click here.

5 Sessions create powerful change as you anchor deeply. Each 75-minute session is $170. Click here.

8 Sessions provide you with continuous support as you pave a new path. Each 75-minute session is $160. Click here.

*Sessions are available online or in person if you live near Asheville, NC.

If you want to speak with me before committing to your transformational journey, I’m happy to schedule a free 20-minute talk to get to know each other.  Fill out the form below for a connection call.

About Jessica:

Jessica is a lawyer turned mystic.  After serving as a criminal prosecutor, she embarked on a spiritual pilgrimage to Europe.  Her book Prosecutor Prostitute Priestess recounts a descent into the underworld of her subconscious beliefs in the midst of a tortuous relationship.  Now, she helps women reclaim their body as holy, their voice as their power, and their sexuality as their own.  As a speaker, she addresses the roots of violence and oppression while proposing solutions to help each person find freedom in love.

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